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By Request of SMSgt Jim Ford, Director of Operations at the First Sergeant Academy, the T-Shirt Slides have been removed this page.  He stated:

We have a concern that the First Sergeant slides you have on your site are causing some confusion out in the field. Not all of the information you have out there is current anymore and the Objectives and the SOBs have changed for most of the areas covered here in residence and for the additional duty course.

I have requested new slides so the site will have the most recent information.  Until that time comes, you may leave a comment and request a particular slide show be sent to you for historical and past training reference only.

1st Shirt Slides
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Table of Contents

First Sergeant Responsibilities Security Forces Procedures Authorized and Unauthorized Absences

Personnel Evaluation & Recognition Programs

Military Equal Opportunity and Treatment (MEO)
Family Care Planning USAF Family Support Center & Air Force Aid Society Maintenance of Discipline Mental Health & Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment (ADAPT) Program Family Advocacy
Counseling Domestic Violence: The First Sergeant’s Perspective Administrative Reprimands, Unfavorable Information Files and Control Rosters Air Force Weight and Body Fat Management Program Financial Responsibility
Promotions Reenlistments  Administrative Separations Rights of the Accused  Apprehension and Pretrial Restraint
  Search and Seizure   Nonjudicial Punishment (NJP)  

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Page Updated: 28 August 2006