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Award Examples

 Communications and Information Award Program 

Award Cat: NCO 3C0 C&I
Winner: Wing?

AFI 36-2845

Key Points to Writing
  • WRITE!!! The more you do it, the better you get.
  • Ask for HELP, the only person looking out for #1 is you.
  • Use a spell checker.  F7 works well in MS Word.
  • Use Merriam-Webster Online to improve your vocabulary.

The following Example has been taken from an AF1206 - IMT so the formatting might be off.  I did not changed mission information, only names to protect myself and the people I have received the information from.  If you have anything you would like to submit, please do so.  If you have found this information useful, please let me know. Everyone of these letters has taken considerable amount of time to put together.  Please treat yourself to something special from one of the ads on the page.  We will both get something out of it.  (All money gathered pays for hosting fees and domain fees.  HONESTLY, when I see money come in it also prompts me to work harder on the site.)


- Vital support for USAF's busiest ARW; 69% JCS priority 1 & 2 msns--6,948 hrs & 54M lbs of fuel to US and
  NATO receivers; seamless coverage of POTUS & SECDEF alert & OEF detainee movements--dynamic comm
- Acting NCOIC of base's largest COMSEC sub-acct; ensured 100% accountability of all 6,775 secrets this year
- Crew Comm guru for high vis tasker; enabled rescue of Iraqi PM & 32 dignitaries--meeting w/ POTUS secured
- NAF and wing support; expertly provided technical guidance and knowledge to 16 AF and 501 CSW--enabled
  correction of & proper closing procedures for high-vis acct--CRO & SVRO sub-account flawlessly established
- Readied kits for two 86 AEG deployments to Rwanda--allowed 1.5K African Union peacekeepers into Sudan
- Seamless Intel/Combat Crew Comm (CCC) ops for wg's first-ever ORI; deployed 33% of section, remaining
  four personnel covered 24-hr ops supporting four ORI msns & regular ops--Intel Flt earned "Excellent" rating
- Comprehensive CCC support for 19 rotational aircrews sent to Incirlik AB; supported 1,108 OEF/OIF Air-to
  air-Refueling (AAR) msns totaling 3,442 hrs & 71M+ lbs of fuel off-loaded to multi-coalition partners in Iraq
- Supervised restructuring and admin of base COMSEC training; zero COMSEC violations since implementation
- Program lauded by inspectors; semi-annual Base COMSEC inspections achieved highest rating--zero write ups
- POC for OG/unit-level $140K comm equipment upgrade; provided key fills, COMSEC reqs & coord storage
- Worked w/ base COMSEC to reduce nonessential holdings--increased security & raised msn productivity 25%
- Expertly managed $144,817 comm equip accts--fixed crit error on inventory; prevented $25K report of survey
- Designed and implemented first ever Inadvertent COMSEC Discloser Brief; document is now used base wide
- Built & maintained 124 accounts as LOCE System Administrator; real-time threat analysis capability increased
- Computerized management of $60K of INTEL/COMSEC equipment; ensured all material is 100% accountable
- Meticulously combed COMSEC docs & OIs in prep of TM & USAFE inspections; all errors identified & fixed
- Adeptly oversaw annual trng of 120 base personnel on COMSEC user procedures; ensured 100% compliance
  -- Monitored COMSEC & Cryptographic Access Prgms--ensured all aircrew members are briefed & enrolled
- Deconflicted numerous IRIDIUM phone issues; ensured long range reach back capability of deployed aircrews
- Innovative thinker; learned Microsoft Access via CBT--created new database that improved shop processes by
  75%--goal to fully computerize management of COMSEC user trng & minimize manual COMSEC paperwork
- Meticulously reviewed & corrected thousands of COMSEC inventory entries; identified over 60 critical errors
- Diligently maintained 26 computer terminals--used off duty time to ensure all machines were 100% msn ready
  -- Installed Norton Anti-virus software onto PCs; safeguarded mission essential machines from potential attack

- Groomed tomorrow's leaders--selected by Sq CC as First Term Airmen Center (FTAC) Team Leader for three
  months; mentored & transitioned 60 new Airman and fostered the professional development of 90 wing students
- Led construction of 432 COMSEC & 144 Iridium kits--comm kits specialized to support ### ARW flying ops
- Training NCO--OJT records, CDCs, shop quizzes, career broadening, base comm tours, fitness; a total mentor!
  -- Reestablished weekly trng sessions; reinforced skills of entire workcenter--training shortfalls reduced 25%
  -- Created 24 COMSEC recurring trng tests; troops are now able to better meet the challenges of today's GWoT
- Handpicked for Unit Deployment Monitor--served as sq's single point of contact for the supervision, training,
  preparation, and control of ### OSS & ### OG staff equipment and personnel deployment processing activities
- Inventoried 300 msn essential mobility folder items--scrutinized contents of 50 mob bags; 100% accountability
- Engaged troops monthly to attend AFCEA chapter's monthly guest speaking luncheons; active & supportive mbr

- Steps up for any opportunity & gives his all--task & stand back; awarded Intel Flt's NCO of the 3rd Quarter '05
- Pursuing second bachelors of science degree with University of Maryland; completed six semester hrs this yr
- Attended prof development courses--Writing Awards & Decs, Understanding Mutual Funds; troops informed
- Superior NCO with impressive record of accomplishments; the mold that 3CXX excellence should be cut from!


  Very, very good package.  There were a couple of acronym questions and numbering issues.  (Numbers under 10 spelled out unless they deal with time or follow numbers larger than 10 in the same bullet.)  What I liked best about this package is that it showed "global" influence, which is needed to win high level awards.  The technician in question was truly deserving of being the C&I of the wing.


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