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Award Examples

AFRC Comm & Info Award (FY2004)

Award Cat: Unit
Winner: No

AFI 36-2845

Key Points to Writing
  • Take a creative writing class; it forces effective, vivid writing
  • WRITE!!! The more you do it, the better you get.
  • Don't be afraid to ask for HELP.
  • The only person looking out for either you or your subordinate is YOU!
  • Use resources like Merriam-Webster
  • Use a spell checker (F7 in Office) 
  • Remember, writing doesn't have to win to REWARD!

The following Example has been taken out of IMT viewer so the formatting might be off.  I did not changed mission information, only names to protect myself and the people I have received the information from.  If you have anything you would like to submit, please do so.  If you have found this information useful, please let me know. Everyone of these letters has taken considerable amount of time to put together.  Please treat yourself to something special from one of the ads on the page.  We will both get something out of it.  (All money gathered pays for hosting fees and domain fees.  HONESTLY, when I see money come in it also prompts me to work harder on the site.)

I will attempt to give a little insight to the entire process if I know it.

- Real weekend warriors! ###th CF is an ACC AF Reserve component attached to ###th ARW at <BASE>, <STATE>
  -- Combat ready... at a moment's notice provide fixed/mobile computer-communications support to entire wing
  -- Outstanding team... consists of 41 extremely talented/skilled dedicated reserve members (3C0/2E2/2E1)
 - Innovative/talented! On 01 Jan 04, spearheaded creation/implementation of computer help/service desk at
    ###th Job Control on UTA weekends, providing entire wing with all their information/technology needs
  -- Seized opportunity... active duty was unable to fully man helpdesk on weekends, due to overseas deployments
  -- Real world work/training... provided our members with outstanding on-job-training/work. A 1st at <BASE>!
  -- $1,000,000 of assets... team is responsible for configuration/operation of all AFRC workstations/servers
  -- Customer base of 960... ###th ARW has 12 large buildings at <BASE>, dispersed throughout a 3 mile radius
  -- Flexible/dynamic... team consisted of 6 to 24 individuals (3C0/2E2) at any one time, adjusting to demand
- Result oriented! Orchestrated/completed projects ahead of schedule, ensuring ACC suspense dates were met
  -- Re-imaged/configured 437 new computers to meet AF standards and replace outdated equipment/software
  -- Installed/upgraded Symantec Anti-Virus software on 363 computers, reducing vulnerability to virus attacks
  -- Installed Air Force Certified (AFCERT) patches on over 224 workstations, resolving known software errors
  -- Reset 200+ user passwords/released 97 workstations from quarantine, immediately increasing productivity
  -- Renamed 176 computers to ACC standards, preventing disconnection from network, no disruption in service
  -- Resolved connection of 130 users to ###th ARW's new e-mail server, restoring critical communications
  -- Audited/uninstalled unauthorized software from 82 workstations, actively enforcing AF standards/regulations
- True partnership! Drastically improved working relationships with active duty, #th Communications Squadron
  -- Active team building... participated in development of signed "Memorandum of Understanding" between units
  -- In less than 1 year, #th CS certified 67% of 3C0 team on grueling "3C0 - Initial Qualification Training" exam
- Tools for success! Managed all ###th ARW's portable/mobile communication devices; providing immediate
  voice/messaging services; allowing wing to quickly respond to real world emergencies/time sensitive requests
  -- Can do attitude... ordered/inventoried/programmed/distributed over 302 Land Mobile Radios (LMRs)
  -- Leading edge technology... obtained/maintained accountability of 26 cellular phones/12 alphanumeric pagers
  -- Pro-active... partnered with vendors ensuring equipment/software is current/service level agreements are met
- Show must go on! Spearheaded transportation/setup/tear-down Public Address system for ALL wing activities
  -- Anytime/anywhere... participated/ensured ceremonies were successful: 5 Commander Calls, 3 Retirements,
   3 Change of Command, 2 POW/MIA. ceremonies, 2 NCO Promotion/Induction, 2 Family Events, 1 Military Ball
  -- All equipment was delivered on time/configured/operational; little or no notice; several times on off-duty time
  -- Briefs/informs all individuals... guaranteeing message is communicated in a professional military manner
- Encourages education! Pro-active in seeking out/accomplishing career/professional training ahead of schedule;
   providing AF with highly skilled technicians; ensuring we can successfully meet all war time mission objectives
  -- Developing future AF technicians/leaders - NOW! Ordered/enrolled/completed 5 Career Development Courses
   (CDC's)/6 Professional Military Education (PME) courses... both in-residence/correspondence
  -- Saved AF/unit $39,000... researched/organized/prepared/submitted/approved three training waiver package for
  extremely qualified/talented candidates of Communications-Computer Systems Operators (3C0) career field
  -- Preparing for new challenges! Pursued/developed/organized/obtained classroom training on communication/
  computer software/hardware... ensuring ###th CF has best qualified/knowledgeable/certified/skilled technicians
-Making a difference! Key participant in all ###th ARW functions, from wing to units ceremonies/events
  --Improving AF life... several MSgts actively attend/participate in wing's "Top Three" committee... coordinating
  NCO promotion/induction ceremony, family activities, quarterly awards. Positive impact on entire wing!
- Honor/respect all military customs/courtesies! Top individuals represent our unit in wing's "Honor Guard"
  -- Participated in several ceremonies (change of command, NCO promotion/induction, retirements, POW/MIA)
- Embracing/endorsing/promoting fitness! Developed/implemented best Physical Training (PT) program to-
  date within ###th ARW... increased morale/camaraderie/teamwork, providing healthier/more energetic team
  -- Leading the way... 1st unit in ###th ARW to have all eligible individuals completed "Fit to Fight" exam
  -- Maximum participation... plan/schedule/coordinate PT activities every UTA, from volleyball to running
  -- Marketing/advertising fitness... created PT bulletin board, displaying participation/publicity photos/safety
- Taking ownership! Excelled in improving/enhancing/expanding several key additional duties/programs
  -- Role model for other units to follow... one of the best Safety Management Programs around... spent several
  hours training/reviewing job specific safety... ensured safety cabinet is up-to-date/all items are serviceable
  -- OPSEC awareness... developed/presented excellent short meaningful detailed briefings on Force Protection/
  Anti-Terrorism every UTA... bringing personal security awareness/prevention to everyone's attention
  -- Ready to deploy... audited/resolved all mobility folder discrepancies... ensured personnel training is current/
  up-to-date in AF LOGMOD software... providing a ready/world wide mobile/deployable reserve force
  -- Mission critical... processed/tracked 10 Top Secret Clearance packages... all new/current members have
  applied/renewed their Top Secret... no easy task... obtain finger prints/key documents/12 page questionnaire
  -- Key player in unit retention... energetic Unit Career Advisor, attends all wing meetings, researches/develops/
  presents outstanding short in-depth briefings on all AF benefits... re-enlisting members ahead of schedule
- Provided family/fun entertainment! ###th Job Control team transported/installed/setup computers/software
  staffing/coordinated game booth at annual wing picnic; increasing morale/welfare/recreation for everyone

- Preparing for our future! Expedited researching/obtaining training/equipment/supplies due to new mission,
  mobile communications, previously fixed communication... changed member's AFSC... re-organized unit
- Maximizing utilization of real estate! Outstanding management of resources, especially floor space... building
  is only 2,000 square feet... two units occupying space (###th/###th CF)... 52 individuals... share desks/PCs
- More space for all! Diplomatically led/promoted/pushed for new addition to active duty building, #th CS...
  this project had been in development for three years... but stalled/failed in past attempts... today it is a reality!
- Negotiated/offered ###th CF our new building; due to new mission and limited/smaller space (1,269 sq ft)
  -- A win-win for both units... ###th CF has less people (only 14)/equipment... our new mobile communications
  equipment/tools requires more space...current location has lighted exterior yard/secure containment area
  -- ###th CF obtains new rooms/furniture... ###th CF sacrifices new addition, but gets badly needed space
- Coordinated/scheduled/reconstruction of bay in building to accommodate new comm equipment; built new
  room/installed A/C; ensure security/climate control is maintained for arrival of new electronic components
- Excellence in all we do! Passed with flying colors Staff Assistance Visit (SAV)/Unit Compliance Inspections
  (UCI)... over-coming several obstacles... severe/drastic budget cuts... reduced staffing/training/materials
- Extremely resourceful! Unit does not have dedicated 3A0 admin person to accomplish administrative duties
  -- Everyone pitches in... organizing/updating/disseminating time sensitive documents (PFWs, EPRs, Awards,
  re-enlistments, org chart, PC-III, etc.)... unbelievable team effort to comply with all mandatory suspense dates
- Creating leaders! Proven track record in recruiting/developing/producing future AF leaders in record time
  -- Promoted 9 qualified/responsible members; allowing others to supervise/assume responsibility/mentor
  -- Spearheaded awards/decorations program; recognizing members; 12 medals/won four quarterly awards!
  -- Best hands-on mentoring program... every four months rotates 3C0 NCOIC and other key additional duties/
  responsibilities... promotes new ideas/real experience/active mentoring/team building. Leading by example!
- Public relations at its best! Developed/published several articles on ###th CF in "Wright Flyer" newspaper;
  informing/educating personnel on computer/communications services we can provide. Drumming up business!
- Team pride! Researched/designed a unit patch, symbolizing mobile comm... finalizing proposal/approval
- Efficient time management! Successfully fulfilled all AF objectives/requirements, in only 2 days a month
  -- Clock is ticking/every second counts... completed all mandatory scheduled appointments (shots/dental/
  medical, M-16/Safety/SATE/Chemical Warfare training, CDCs/PME/IQT, ceremonies/briefings/meetings)

- Above and beyond! Spent six months researching/developing/submitting an Open Source Operating System
  research proposal to employ Linux on selected AF systems, replacing Microsoft Windows Operating System, to
  AF Institute for Information Technology Applications (IITA) Office, potentially saving millions of dollars
  -- Research project was approved, but later placed on hold, due to possible project overlap with 4 AF


  Suggest not including dates, use try to use only 1 line bullets, not 2 lines.  On the same token, using a total of three lines per bullet is about the max you ought to do.  So it would be either a main bullet and two subs, or a two line main (if you need to spell something out) and one sub.  even though this is a long package, don't use Acronyms you don't need (e.g. AFCERT)


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