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AFRC COMM & INFO AWARD - 2005 Example

Award Cat: Unit - Flight
Winner: ???

AFI 36-2845

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The following Example has been taken out of IMT viewer so the formatting might be off.  I did not changed mission information, only names to protect myself and the people I have received the information from.  If you have anything you would like to submit, please do so.  If you have found this information useful, please let me know. Everyone of these letters has taken considerable amount of time to put together.  Please treat yourself to something special from one of the ads on the page.  We will both get something out of it.  (All money gathered pays for hosting fees and domain fees.  HONESTLY, when I see money come in it also prompts me to work harder on the site.)

- Warriors on a mission!  ### CF is an ACC AF Reserve component attached to AMC ### ARW at <BASE>, NC
  -- Highly responsive; at a moment's notice provided fixed and mobile computer-comm support to entire Wing
  -- Unit consists of 1 full-time Air Reserve Technician (ART), 35 part-time reservists (33 enlisted & 2 officers)
- New mission!  Transitioned from Fixed to Theater-Deployable Comm (TDC); set 1 year readiness timeline
  -- Re-organized 36 person team; obtained 2 new AFSCs (2E6/3C2); restructured 4 positions & acquired equip
  -- Overcame increased turnover obstacles; 8 mbrs resigned, norm is 5; recruited from other branches of service
  -- Top Secret clearances required for 16 positions; previously not needed; processed/submitted all in 3 months
  -- Conquered deployment concerns; trained members on pallet build-up; previously unequipped; personnel only
  -- Resolved capacity issues; convinced ### CF to remove 7 large cargo containers; obtained needed real estate
- Volunteered for Air Expeditionary Force (AEF) supporting operations ENDURING and IRAQI FREEDOM
  -- Provided 166 days of exceptional fixed comm support at Moron Spain, Incirlik Turkey, and Al Udeid Qatar
- AEF support!  Deployed 4 mbrs to ### ABS, Moron, Spain; 4 separate rotations; 20 days each; 80 days total
  -- Managed & staffed base network shop; responsible for $2M of hardware/software; supported 720 customers
  -- Flawlessly updated 540 Exchange mailboxes; standardized all account info; completed ahead of schedule
  -- Audited, identified & removed 220 dormant E-mail accounts; high transient population; reduced security risk
- Met urgent need!  Deployed a mbr for 48 days to ## ABW, Incirlik, Turkey; protected US and NATO interests
  -- Spearheaded tracking down & inspecting equipment; 300 LMRs, 150 cell phones & 8 HF/UHF/VHF radios
  -- Budget conscious!  Audited/reviewed 112 cell phone contracts; researched/resolved 4 billing discrepancies
- Front line!  Expeditionary Force Airman command center operation support for 38 days at Al Udeid AB, Qatar
  -- Command and Control, Communications, Computer, & Intelligence (C4I) support for US and coalition forces
  -- Managed ### AEW Network Control Center (NCC); maintained Local Area Network (LAN); 2K accounts
- Combat ready!  Key player in 7 day Operation Readiness Exercise at Volk Field, WI; led comm unit into battle
  -- ### CF, ### CS & ## CS worked as highly cohesive unit; provided comm support for over 600 participants
  -- Maintained LMRs, UHF/VHF/HF radios, voice drops, LAN and computer services; 98% availability/uptime
  -- Super performers!  Recognized by Inspector General for expedient first aid during stressful attack conditions
- Real world training!  Managed/staffed ### Job Control; provided Wing with Information Technology support
  -- $1,000,000 of assets; team is responsible for configuration & operation of all 916 ARW computers/servers
  -- Customer base of 960; ### ARW has 12 large buildings at <BASE>, dispersed throughout a 3 mile radius
  -- Flexible/dynamic team; proactively adjusted staffing from 6 to 24 (3C0/2E2) as customer demands changed
- Result oriented! ### Job Control exceeded customer's expectations; met 100% of all project suspense dates
  -- Verified/validated 740 network accounts in 6 days; met Strategic Command's deadline; protecting DOD data
  -- Reset 430 user passwords; released 210 workstations from quarantine; allowed mbrs access to LAN/E-mail
  -- Inventoried 215 pieces of computer equip located throughout the base; corrected 24 account discrepancies
  -- Re-imaged/configured 145 new computers to meet AF standards and replace outdated equipment & software
  -- Installed & upgraded Symantec Anti-Virus software on 125 PCs; reduced vulnerability to malicious attacks
  -- Audited/uninstalled unauthorized software on 120 computers, actively enforced AF standards & regulations
  -- Protected/recycled assets!  Turned in 85 computers/peripherals to DRMO; removed/erased confidential data
- Tools for success!  Managed all ### ARW's portable/mobile comm devices; provided 24/7 customer support
  -- Maintained 302 Land Mobile Radios (LMR's); inventoried, routinely programmed and troubleshot equipment
  -- Accountable for 21 cell phones and 7 pagers; planned/maintained $24K annual budget; audits inventory qtrly
- Overcame hurdles! Only 1 full-time ART; acquired 445 days to alleviate administration and training backlog
  -- 294 Active Duty for Support Work (ADSW) days; inventoried & maintained equipment; administrative tasks
  -- 128 special Active Duty Training (ADT) days; obtained mobile combat comm training; expedited conversion
  -- 46 Readiness Management Periods (RMP); saves money; mbr telecommutes 4 hrs/day; no travel or billeting
- Superior public relations!  Setup/operated Public Address (PA) system for all Wing activities; 20 events total
  -- PAs anytime/anywhere; little/no advanced notice; even during off-duty time; successful events guaranteed!
  -- 4 Cmdr Calls, 5 Change of Cmds, 5 Retirements, 1 Enlisted Call, 1 Induction Ceremony, and 4 Wing events
- World class leaders!  Spearheaded annual SNCO/NCO Induction Ceremony; 172 mbrs attended; 43 inductees
  -- 1st Shirt chaired committee/Master of Ceremony; orchestrated entire activity; honoring enlisted traditions
  -- SNCO handpicked for 2nd straight year to honor & remember POW/MIA comrades; excellent comm skills
  -- Installed/setup/operated PA system; participated in Honor Guard ceremony; facilitated military protocols
- Honored 20+ years of service!  Orchestrated two retirement ceremonies; unprecedented attention to detail!
  -- Directed/obtained: medals, certificates, letters, customized shadow boxes, personalized gifts, & US flags
  -- Developed scripts; organized audio & visual systems; procured funds, food and drinks; invited VIP/family
- Making a difference!  Key participant in ### ARW functions/events, 1/3 of team is on enlisted committees
  -- Improving AF life; represented in all Wing committees; 8 NCO's in "Top Six"; 6 SNCO's in "Top Three"
  -- Supported # FW & ### ARW Honor Guard; 2 individuals actively participated in 8 significant ceremonies

- Laying the foundation!  Attended 15 days of valuable hands-on TDC training from ### CF, McGuire AFB, NJ
  -- Deployed 23 airman in 3 rotations; obtained crew position training on radio, phone, & computer equipment
  -- Learned Basic Access Module (BAM); install/setup/operate base network/infrastructure from ground up
- Developing relationships!  Teamed up with ### CBCS, ANG, Badin, NC; received valuable UTC training
  -- Obtained 14 days of training; segmented in 2 and 5 day sessions; located at both <BASE> & ANG, Badin
  -- Drastically reduced learning curve; experienced ANG personnel instructed on Red Data Module (RDM)
  -- Received literature (guides, training plans, OIs); saved at least 4 weeks in preparing/developing documents
- Team building!  Partnered with active duty, # CS at <BASE>; obtained TDC/BAM training on drill weekends
  -- Attended extensive training on configuring Integrated Communications Access Package (ICAP) equipment
  -- Each UTA trained 6 diff mbrs; 14 days total; utilized # CS comm equip/assets; increased task knowledge
- Requisitioned assets!  Acquired needed equipment for new mission; allowing us to work smarter, not harder
  -- Obtained 4 new laptops & ordered 5 more; upgraded/swapped out 4 PCs; obtained 1 new PC for admin
- Technically savvy!  Utilized wide range of communication methods to accomplish mission in a timely fashion
  -- Instituted knowledge sharing; published 340 docs onto organized share drive; repository accessed by all
  -- Successfully instituted six off-duty phone recalls to disseminate info during mission critical operations
  -- One voice!  Employed UTA announcements, E-mail messaging and land mobile radios to relay key info
  -- Measuring success; mgrs identified and benchmarked 20 operations metrics; updated/reviewed each UTA
- Building leaders!  Organized 5 day Leadership Symposium; dedicated to teaching management style & skills
  -- Developed agenda & obtained all resources; ### CF & ### ARW/LRS top echelon attended; 19 mbrs total
  -- Subjects covered: chg/time mgt, motivation skills, goal setting, coaching, leadership styles and counseling
- Strategic/forward thinking!  Partnered with ### LRS; SNCO spent one UTA with unit; shared info/knowledge
  -- Acquired documents (policy ltrs, guides, etc); saved unit hrs developing spreadsheets & Access databases
  -- Learned new ways of doing business; implemented 2 new procedures; increased tracking of EPR/Awards
- Educating reservists!  Instrumental in developing/publishing five articles in <BASE. newspaper
  -- Provided readers with current/up-to-date tid-bits on E-mail & computers; reduced helpdesk calls by 10%
- Team pride!  Researched/designed unit patch, symbolizing mobile comm; distinguishing our unit from others
  -- Building camaraderie!  AFRC approved patch; immediately ordered/sewed patches on; all within budget
- Embraced/endorsed/promoted fitness!  Developed and implemented best physical training program to-date
  -- Building healthier/stronger/more energetic team! All mbrs partake in 1 hr of aerobic activities every UTA

- Academic excellence!  Seized educational opportunities; increased professional & career field knowledge
  -- Successfully ordered, enrolled and completed 9 CDCs & 6 PME courses; 30% improvement from last year
  -- Saved AF $47,000; researched, organized, prepared, submitted, and approved two training waiver package
  -- Three mbrs passed ACC's "3C0 - Initial Qualification Training (IQT)" exam; 92% of 3C0 team is certified!
  -- Devoted to learning; 4 mbrs graduated from CCAF; 5 Amn are actively enrolled; future leaders/managers
- Best recognition program!  Immediately recognized/acknowledged/praised mbrs for outstanding performance
  -- Consistent winners!  Won 5 "### ARW Qtrly Awards" (1 CGO, 1 SNCO, 1 NCO, 2 Amn); 960 Wing mbrs
  -- Honoring outstanding leadership & service!  Developed/submitted 11 medals (3 MSM, 8 Commendation)


  Pretty good package!

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