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Award Examples

AF Comm & Info Award (FY2005)

Award Cat: Unit
Winner: No

AFI 36-2845

Key Points to Writing
  • WRITE!!! The more you do it, the better you get.
  • Don't be afraid to ask for HELP.
  • The only person looking out for either you or your subordinate is YOU!
  • Use a spell checker (F7 in Office) 
  • Remember, writing doesn't have to win to REWARD!
  • Use various writing resources like Merriam-Webster Online.

The following Example has been taken out of IMT viewer so the formatting might be off.  I did not changed mission information, only names to protect myself and the people I have received the information from.  If you have anything you would like to submit, please do so.  If you have found this information useful, please let me know. Everyone of these letters has taken considerable amount of time to put together.  Please treat yourself to something special from one of the ads on the page.  We will both get something out of it.  (All money gathered pays for hosting fees and domain fees.  HONESTLY, when I see money come in it also prompts me to work harder on the site.)

- "#th MOB, Let's Go!"...### combat-ready comm warriors--"First Called...First to Respond...Always Ready!"
  -- Deployed 465 personnel, 831 short tons to 22 sites...on-time worldwide comm, ATC and weather services
  -- Received first Unit Compliance Inspection in 7 years--remarkable results for AF's most heavily tasked CCG
- ACC's #1 choice to provide deployable communications in support of FEMA's Hurricane Katrina relief efforts
  -- 149 personnel, 580 short tons, $4M comm equip--deployed to eight locations along ravaged Gulf Coast area
  -- Built entire ##th Air Expeditionary Gp (AEG) Headquarters C4 infrastructure in only 24 hrs--lauded by CC
  -- Closed 200+ comm service requests--98% closed same day--## AEG cmd staff lauded, "best seen to date"
- Launched Deployable Independent Comm Element (DICE) team w/in 2 hours notice of ## AEG/FEMA req'ts
  -- Delivered sole commercial voice capability on Keesler AFB...FEMA praised...critical to life saving ops
  -- Ensured flawless comm for region/TALCE air ops--delivered 11K supply tons, supported 5.8K Americans
- Enhanced Gulf Coast safety--provided data/DSN capability to ####th MP Co/###th MP Bgd--served 300 users
- Initiated cyber lab/phone center for fellow troops supporting Hurricane Katrina relief efforts--boosted morale
- Surveyed Keesler airfield, identified weaknesses and installed TACAN system--flying ops continued unabated
  -- Coordinated with HQ AETC and designed alternate airfield approach--guaranteed air navigation availability
- Provided robust satellite comm link from Meridian, MS ROSC to Gulfport Combat Readiness Training Center
  -- Coordinated with DISA and ## CBCS DICE team to establish link--extended ANG network to 5,000+ users
- Aided Army Corps of Engineers--performed QA on contracted home revitalization pgm--inspected 500 homes
- AF ambassadors!  Volunteered 249 hrs at hurricane relief ctr--1,300 care packages...assisted 7K people daily
  -- Made multiple 1,430-mile round trips to New Orleans & Alexandria, LA to pick-up/deliver critical supplies
- QoL experts! Repaired boiler supporting emergency billeting for displaced mil personnel & response agencies
  -- Restored hot water for 800 personnel--warm showers provided massive morale boost for distressed persons
- Deployed to New Orleans, LA--assisted FEMA/local authorities restore power to only operational hospital
- Assisted w/relocation of Keesler tech students--provided trans to isolated Airmen--training msn continued
- ACC's unit of choice for Hurricane Rita comm support--deployed 11 personnel/9.5K tons for relief efforts
- Prepared 8 short tons of equipment in under 24 hrs to deploy in support of Hurricane Wilma recovery efforts
   -- Cocked-and-ready for US Northern Command deployment request--capable of deploying in under 1 hour
- 5 CCG on ACC's speed dial! Deployed 71 personnel/140 tons in support of Pakistan earthquake relief efforts
  -- Supported 178 military flights shipping 4.3K tons of vital medical and food supplies for over 170K refugees
  -- Engineered 100% comms to support Islamabad International Airport--rapid stand-up of crucial hub for relief
  -- Enhanced infrastructure--expanded OEF fuel capabilities at Kyrgystan mobility hub--wowed ### AEW/CC
  -- Strengthened international relations through Habitat for Humanity--supplies to orphanages/handicap facilities
- Deployed three weather cadres to USCENTCOM AOR--provided premier support to 45 combat weather teams
  -- Provided theater's only 24-hr tactical weather help desk--expertise resolved 200 trouble calls in 135 days
  -- Hit the ground running! Repaired six first-in weather systems in under 2 weeks--saved $60K in repair costs
  -- Accounted for 20 missing equipment items valued at $100K--rectified mission area neglected for 4 months
- Led AF Theater Deployable Comm pilot program--masterfully directed 5 comm packages across 86 sqdns
  -- Guided redesign of UTCs--integrated inputs from 6 MAJCOMs, corrected 1,100 line items--AF-wide impact
  -- Developed tactical comm UTC LOGDET--adopted as AF standard--ACC: "finest products seen to date"
  -- Validated packages in GWOT operations across SWA and humanitarian relief efforts at home and abroad
- Managed Bagram Airfield's primary comm link--vital satellite service--maintained 99% mission uptime rate
  -- Impressive uptime ensured success of CJTF ops for Operation ENDURING FREEDOM in Afghanistan
- Created initial Logistics Detail for new DICE UTC--WR-ALC/CV lauded # CCG during visit as "AF pioneer"
  -- Cut every ounce of fat...footprint reduced by half--able to deploy all equipment/personnel on single C-130
- Augmented Kandahar AB--increased LMR coverage 500%, NIPRNET speed 200%...documented 350 circuits
- Installed $2M of satellite comm systems into 12 Tactical Control Party and Forward Air Controller packages
- Reintegrated $300K in Tactical Meteorological Observing Systems--primed four teams for new deployments
- Repaired only $750K TMQ-54 remote satellite set in the world--restored radar weather imagery to AFWA
  -- Restored two $90K Ellason Inc. weather radars--provided 240 miles of severe weather detection for AOR
  -- Authored and implemented parts shipment procedures--shortened outage times 70% and saved AF $1.5M
- Forged the way during US Southern Command Standing Joint Forces Headquarters multi-service exercise
  -- Provided increased bandwidth--met all exercise training objectives--Joint Forces CC lauded results
- Airfield leads the AF!  # CCG now the TPN-19 flat panel radar system upgrade test bed--set the AF standard
  -- Resident experts--developed key system troubleshooting procedures despite lack of Tech Order guidance
  -- Modified Remote Microwave Link for geographically distant radar components--best survivability in AF!
- 5 CCG does it again! Deployed in support of USCENTCOM's largest coalition exer, BRIGHT STAR 05/06
  -- Conducted 17 site visits in Cairo, Egypt...tuned ailing TACAN system--mission success for 400+ sorties
  -- Provided 100%-plus of initial comm requirements--80 voice trunks/4 networks/100 Land Mobile Radios
  -- Coordinated relocation of 72 tons of equipment...enabled billeting of 1,200 Army personnel--joint effort
  -- Managed 4 Egyptian airfields utilizing US Air Traffic Control and Landing Systems with just 2 personnel!
- Deployed 31 Airmen/$2M in equipment for first-ever integration exercise with RAF tactical communicators
  -- Engineered nine "firsts" during Exercise UNITED ARCHITECTURE--resulted in landmark interop manual
  -- Warfighter impact--results prep'd for immediate implementation in SWA Combined Air Operations Center
- Home of AF's premier combat communications readiness school--honed combat field skills for 384 warriors
  -- Taught UXO sweep and convoy procedures...took charge in bunkers during attacks--saving lives in Iraq
  -- Provided armed protection to comm site assets and personnel...not one # CCG member lost in hostilities!
- Conducted leadership/field training exercise for 30 foreign officers from 7 countries--bolstered int'l relations
- Fostered community relationship--created "Honorary" Sq CC pgm--partnered 6 local leaders w/# CCG units

- Inventoried 35,000 chem warfare bag assets--replaced 4,000 expired items--met group's wartime obligation
  -- Administered turn-in of out-dated gear--shipped to fellow ACC units for use in chemical warfare training
- Corrected faulty munitions pgm--coordinated procedures w/functional--increased arm-up capability 100%
- Filled short-notice tasking--sent satellite terminal to Holloman AFB--saved ACC $60K in lost 7-level trng
- Developed outstanding ART/SORTS reporting products--versatile tools used for budgeting and inventory
  -- Identified $20M in equipment shortfalls...ACC sent $2.85M...AFRC SAV: "Should be benchmark for AF!"
- Trained ### CS personnel during Ex EAGLE FLAG--pivotal to pending OIF deployment--AEG/CC lauded
  -- Supported training for 183 UTCs composed of 358 personnel from 9 different bases--all deployment ready
- Led revalidation of vehicle fleet for combat comm units...first time in 10 years--reduced vehicle fleet by 14%
- Taught satellite circuitry to ### CS at Eielson AFB, AK--increased unit training 50%...deployed status green
  -- Educated 8 Airmen on aspects of satellite terminal--fixed derelict apparatus--restored unit to 100% ready
- Maintained amazing 92% vehicle in-commission rate--exceeded AF and ACC 90% goal--group ready to go!
- ACC training benchmark...matured combat comm training facility--integrated field skills/positional training
  -- Incorporated satellite simulators and real-world comm equipment...trained to actual scenarios/field issues
  -- Training used by Guard/Reserves/other AD Keesler classes for displaced tech sch students
- Identified & sourced 722 personnel/963 short tons of support equipment for OPLAN 5077--100% war ready
- Created engineering integration communication training program--afforded hands-on experience for young Lts
- Spearheaded post OEF/OIF TDC-ICAP reconstitution effort--distributed over $30M in critical comm assets
  -- Dispensed $100K of assets from PSAB residue and $1M in new equip--improved deployable capability
- Operated Learning Center of Excellence--provide Systems/Network tech training for Gp/CONUS ANG units
  -- Trained 239 Gp, 177 ANG and 66 Reserve personnel--just-in-time trng to support OIF/OEF deployments
- Hand-picked by HQ AETC to review Air Force Ground Mobile Forces (GMF) training material for accuracy
- Acquired two refurbished TACANs from HQ ACC assets--able to "green up" two sqdn UTCs--combat ready

- Set standard--recipient of 2005 AFMC Commander-in-Chief Installation Excellence Award--3rd yr running!
- Recognized aero-warriors!  Awarded ##th AFOUA--Robins SNCO & 1st Sgt/Yr, CGO/Qtr(x2), SNCO/Qtr
- Grooming AF leaders/award winners...NCOA: DG(x3), Acad Ach...ALS: Levitow, DG(x7), Acad Ach(x4)
- Talent galore!  Med tech accepted into US Army Physician Ass't Pgm...2 Airmen to White House Comm Ag


  WOW!  This an OUTSTANDING package, there was an initial stating that it won, but it didn't.  Check out the package that beat this one here!  Every bullet is measurable and has impact. A couple of minor numbering issues, but you would never notice them if they were not highlighted!


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