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Award Cat: Large Unit
Winner: ???

AFI 36-2845

Key Points to Writing
  • WRITE!!! The more you do it, the better you get.
  • Don't be afraid to ask for HELP.
  • The only person looking out for either you or your subordinate is YOU!
  • Use a spell checker (F7 in Office) 
  • Remember, writing doesn't have to win to REWARD!
  • Use various writing resources like Merriam-Webster Online.

The following Maintenance Effectiveness Award example has been taken out of Word so the formatting might be off.  I did not changed mission information, only names to protect myself and the people I have received the information from.  If you have anything you would like to submit, please do so.  If you have found this information useful, please let me know. Everyone of these letters has taken considerable amount of time to put together.  Please treat yourself to something special from one of the ads on the page.  We will both get something out of it.  (All money gathered pays for hosting fees and domain fees.  HONESTLY, when I see money come in it also prompts me to work harder on the site.)

- Praiseworthy achievements fighting the Global-War-on-Terrorism at <BASE> and deployed
  -- Astronomical maintenance of 125K miles of cable; processed 50M calls--99% completion
  -- Provided hardwired DISN services to NAOC aircraft; 100% comm when visiting <BASE>
  -- Delivered vital C2 for 17,000 combat sorties—caused terrorist leader al Zarqawi’s downfall
  -- Selflessly served 4,053 days deployed—provided unmatched COCOM’s C2 capabilities

- Aggressively improved war missions; upheld Operation IRAQI FREEDOM (OIF) combat ops
  -- Fixed vital FO cable; restored JSTARS real-time battlefield system--zero lost combat sorties
  -- Identified/enabled comm for ### ERS flying unit--intel used to find/track and kill terrorists
  -- Provided Japanese Self Defense Forces reach back ops link to their military HQ in Tokyo
  -- Completed 100% AUAB telephone validation; mapped connectivity; cut repair times 75%

- Enhanced CENTAF’s largest base in AOR; installed/maintained $24M in new comm assets
  -- Repaired Qatari duct/cable to ILS; restored system--ensured safety during take offs/landings
  -- Designed 10 CAOC bldgs comm; provided 150 voice/data/video circuits to coalition partners
  -- Relocated SATCOM Interference Response Sys ensured theater defensive satellite operations
  -- Restored SIPR/NIPR/phone to F-16 crews; restored ability to retrieve ATOs; zero lost sorties

- Second to none! Led the way in mission execution; sustained Global-War-on-Terrorism tasks
  -- Created antenna PMI program--guaranteed 100% critical air-to-ground comm for mission ops
  -- Removed microwave sys at As Sayliyah Army base, Qatar; secured $10K future use assets

- Sprang into action! Upheld Operation IRAQI FREEDOM/Combined JTF - Horn of Africa
  -- Restored vital Crash net system; reduced outage by 10 hours—restored mission critical C2
  -- Sustained network for largest base; communications enhanced successful refueling missions
  -- Quickly installed VTC; provided deployed troops & their family’s a distinctive morale boost

- METNAV/ATC Radio is now Airfield Systems; combined competencies--increased efficiency
  -- Expertly replaced DBRITE with Standard Terminal Automation Replacement System
  -- Improved visual clarity/verification of local air traffic; monitoring now at 6 intensity levels

- Irreplaceable performance by new Airfield Systems shop; enhanced vital flightline equipment
  -- Replaced two faulty critical ILS antennas on both the north and south localizer systems
  -- Completed all critical alignments/verified system operations; perfect FAA flight inspection
  -- Ensured 100% of all B-52/A-10 flight operations with zero aircraft mission down-time

- Performed TACAN baseline; provided essential training for seven Airfield Systems personnel
  -- Optimized system performance via many intricate alignments; flawless FAA flight inspection
  -- Steadfast performance improved <BASE>’s Tactical Air Navigation system reliability 30%
  -- Surpassed up-time standards--ILS 98.3%, TACAN 99.3%, DVRS 99%, ATC radios 99.5%
  -- Expertly maintained intrusion detection systems for DoD’s largest weapons storage area
  -- Phenomenal 100% up-time rate--safeguarded Protection Level “1” assets worth over $1.5B
  -- Successfully maintained a 34-year old enunciator system despite dwindling supply of parts
  -- Earned three Superior Performer maintenance team nods during June 2006 ACC NSSAV

- Supported 250 manned/unmanned public address events for base and local community
  -- Flawlessly supported 12 monthly retreat ceremonies—enhanced community esprit de corps
  -- Received numerous letters of appreciations and squadron coins for outstanding support
  -- Ensured flawless comm support for ## Air Force Change of Command ceremony
  -- Expertly supported events with motivational speakers Darren Norwood & Tommy Lasorda

- Unparalleled accomplishments; 13-man Cable shop--8 OIF/OEF deployments--2/3 always gone
  -- Expertly installed vital cable to new LOX plant; enabled one-time opening/use of new facility
  -- Finished allied support for FMQ-19 install 1 month ahead of schedule; combines 6 sys into 1
  -- Installed copper/fiber cables to Flight Simulator; provided ops w/virtual training environment

- Overcame adversity! First to respond to destructive gulf coast hurricanes Katrina and Rita
  -- Installed T1 connectivity for Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) relief efforts;
     provided 48 telephone lines for 200-member team--helped execute vital rescue missions
  -- Installed six critical phones at key locations in Family Support Center for hurricane relief;
     enabled service for Hurricane Katrina evacuees to contact family members during the crisis

- Sustained ACC Enterprise SIPRNET reaccreditation sequence; diagrammed and recorded 30
  classified networks; ensured base satisfied DISA network topology requirement
  -- Committed to excellence; designed/installed SIPRNET solution to ## AF/CC's residence

- Results oriented! Completed 553 red PMIs, 655 priority 1 jobs, 2,150 remedy tickets on-time

- Troubleshot/replaced SIPRNet Internet Security Systems intrusion prevention appliances;
  quick resolution eliminated malicious internet attacks prior to impacting base infrastructure

- Expertly retrofitted 12 Base Public Address and Warning System (BPAWS) sites with new
  control equipment; integrated BPAWS with the base’s internal building mass notification
  system; both systems can now be simultaneously keyed by base command post personnel
  -- Base personnel are safer; they can hear emergency notifications whether inside or outside

- Technologically advanced! Exceptional use of <BASE>’s LMRs and ground-to-air comm
  -- Acquired new frequency proposal for Base Weather--approved frequency allowed increased
     communication with no interference from annoying spurious radio frequency emissions
  -- Provided absolutely perfect land mobile radio support for the 2006 Air Show/Open House

- Managed $36M in comm assets for intrusion systems for DoD’s largest weapons storage area
  -- Replaced distribution box in the weapons storage area severely damaged by a SFS vehicle
  -- Reinstalled power and signal cables, punch down blocks, transformers, and surge suppressors
  -- Quickly restored operation of exterior sensors; returned electronic barrier to 3 mile perimeter

- Relocated closed circuit television camera security equipment to the new <BASE> main gate
  -- Installed signal/AC wiring from digital video recorder to 4 environmentally enclosed cameras
  -- Masterminded base systems--saved AF over $1500 in contractor installation charges
  -- Greatly improved base security; provided video archives of every incoming/outgoing vehicle

- Expertly maintained fixed site satellite communication equipment to 99.9% uptime rate
  -- Ensured ## BW leadership were kept 100% informed of all emergency action messages
  -- Provided ## BW Command Post controllers with correct tools to meet all mission goals
  -- Flawlessly set-up mobile satellite communication equipment during 2006 NORE exercise
  -- Tasked for assistance during 2006 NSSAV—inspector praised troops for attention to detail

- Ensured reliable communications with cell phones and land mobile radios for base squadrons
  -- Repaired 370 LMRs with aggressive “first-look” maintenance approach—saved ## CS $23K

- Achieved uniformly outstanding results; upgraded <BASE> Network; improved performance
  -- Migrated from old NT 4.0 Domain to Active Directory; increased network speed by 200%
  -- Upgraded Anti-Virus to Symantec Corp Edition/more robust anti-virus; decreased intrusions
  -- Installed/configured new Backup Hardware and Software for SIPR; ensured 100% security
  -- Guaranteed base leadership use of public phone lines for emergencies or network blockage

- Matchless mission productivity; spearheaded 50 comm infrastructure upgrade actions
  -- Cutover cable for $10.8M dorm project; spliced in new cable; saved $5K in contractor costs
  -- Led hanger’s 11 & 12 renovation projects; 1,500 feet of cable/100 drops; doubled comm
  -- Superb leadership on $3.4M Combat Information Transfer System install; ensured 4K fiber
     cable and multiple fiber splices were 100% operational; 200% improvement in C2 capability

- Reputation for top performance on successful maintenance to <BASE>’s tenant organizations
  -- Expertly planned/configured three network switches for ###th Combat Training Squadron
     transition into new facility; ensured development/execution of ACC Air Warrior I exercises
  -- Flawlessly configured Det ## weather system for worldwide web access; positively increased
     reliability, productivity and availability of secure meteorological analysis/forecasting data

- Dominating force! Ensured vital telecomm during preparations for war and during wartime
  -- Linked <BASE> to U.S. Strategic Command to help examine GLOBAL LIGHTNING 2006;
     efforts supplied leadership insight to details--supported joint functional command planning
  -- Interfaced Electronic System Security Assessment device for GLOBAL LIGHTNING;
     provided leadership insight into inadvertent disclosures of critical exercise data/scenarios

- Highly qualified maintenance abilities; ensured <BASE> comm. assets enhanced mission
  -- Oversaw performance of preventative maintenance inspections on five telephone switches;
     remarkable efforts maintained system reliability--contributed 98.8% efficiency rating
  -- Reconfigured 30 emergency response circuits for Disaster Control Group member positions;
     transformed work area into functional control center; streamlined communication flow

- Anticipated management issues with METNAV/ATC Radio restructure into Airfield Systems
  -- Skillfully revised master training plan; loaded over 670 tasks for 130 separate equip systems
  -- Superb leadership on $4.5M vital merger of flight line weather radio assets; zero sorties lost
  -- Coordinated with ACC and FAA--assured ensured 100% successful cross utilization process
  -- Expertly combined METNAV and ATC Radio 9 months ahead of Air Force suspense date

- Pioneered extensive upgrades to base telecommunication switches; aided base/tenants mission
  -- Developed shortcut for 1,000 individual digital phone switch commands/maintenance steps
      that expedited work order completion/service restoration time; streamlined maintenance
  --Validated Govt Emergency Telecom Service (GETS) accounts; ensured accurate registration
  -- Updated National System registry; ensured telephone comm for GETS users in case of outage

- Flawlessly implemented IMA notification procedures and ensured successful installs/exercises
  -- Base Reserve Coordinator; coordinated with IMA POC and HQ ACC to fill key shortages
  -- Indispensable CORE efforts; ensured timely and reliable comm for participants/inspectors
  -- Coordinated vendor demonstration for unit; introduced ## CS to newer improved products
  -- Provided escorts for Combat Installation Team; allowed contractors to install reliable systems

- Rapidly responded to Keesler AFB evacuation due to Hurricane Katrina--first time FEMA
  Crisis Action Team relocated to <BASE>--maintainer’s setup comm for C2 cell in only 2 hrs
  -- Provided 50 circuits/enabled C2 operations; ensured 100K were evacuated from flood areas
  -- Teamed with AFCA and DISA to re-route circuits negatively affected by Keesler closure
  -- Connected Keesler personnel with remote access to medical records/data after Katrina

- Superbly maintained base comm infrastructure; cable plant 99% uptime rate for 12 months
  -- Skillfully managed $4.8M in O&M contracts; expertly directed $9M CITS phase III upgrade
  -- Maintained 72K pair-miles of fiber optic cable infrastructure during ACC directed upgrades
  -- Completed 340 phone/fiber-optic locates; $165.5M in construction projects--zero delays

- Creating “Top Notch” mx leaders—comm. professionals leading the way throughout the world
  -- Best of the best--12 AOM, 12 Technician of the month and 28 unit quarterly award winners
  -- Superior comm professionals--garnered five Senior Airman below-the-zone promotions
  -- Earned 24 AFAM, 29 AFCM, 8 MSM, and from ALS 3 DGs/4 John Levitow award winners

- Unlimited selfless capacity! Went above and beyond; aided 50,000+ during times of need
  -- Leaders at hurricane shelters distributed over $25K in food & supplies to struggling families
  -- Provided computer support to local church aiding displaced Hurricane Katrina evacuees
  -- Over 30% of unit personnel aided in disaster relief; tens of thousands of needy people helped

- Displayed selfless devotion to volunteerism spirit! Over 1,800 hours in local community
  -- Filed 1600+ tax returns for base personnel; saved each person over $50 in tax filing charges
  -- Raised funds for gifts/coordinated Santa’s in Blue event for underprivileged--620+ benefited
  -- Enthusiastic participants in northwest Louisiana’s 2006 Special/Senior Olympics; 500 helped
  -- Delivered countless meals for Meals-on-Wheels program--100+ elderly/needy families fed


  INCREDIBLE!  This package is OUTSTANDING. Every bullet is measurable and has significant impact. Besides a couple of minor numbering errors, I was only tripped up by some of the abbreviations.  I then chalked them up to the need to input a lot of information in limited space. 

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