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 Lt Gen Leo Marquez Award 02-03

Award Cat: Technician-Supervisor
Winner: Group

AFI 36-2818 para 5.4

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The following Example has been taken out of ICS Viewer.  I have changed some mission information to protect myself and the people I have received the information from.  I will attempt to give a little insight to the entire process if I know it.

If you have anything you would like to submit, please do so.  Also, if you have found this information useful, please let me know. Everyone of these items has taken considerable amount of time to put together.  Please use the ads on this site to help support the site.  All money gathered pays for hosting fees and domain fees.  (HONESTLY, when I see money come in it also prompts me to work harder on the site.)

Couple of Notes:

This one was submitted to me.  This was for a TSgt 2E2.  By looking at the package, Sustained Job Performance was the point getter for the location.  It is strong with lots of intel/maint.  I like this package alot.  The individual held a position of a SNCO, and took on many leadership positions.  Plus, they won and part took in many unit awards too.  They saved lots of money and time.  In addition to accomplishing a very difficult mission.

- My #1 pick over 34--stellar shift supervisor for 10-person crew--directed maintenance (MX) for 200 RFINT workstations, 13 servers, & 2 secure telephone systems in support of 311 U-2 sorties and 24/7 intel operations
-- Sustained superb 99.94% weapon system uptime for 100+ U-2 & NSA systems for {NAF}, USFK, PACOM
-- Armed {NAF} CCs/warfighters with on-target intel--ensured capability to defend South Korea & deter attack 
-- Directly contributed to {WING} nominating Sq to ACC for ‘03 MX Effectiveness Awd; #1 of 4 Sq’s in Wing

- Performed as MSgt--took charge of 22-man shop during 2-wk shop chief absence--deftly managed 33 MX jobs
-- Oversaw troubleshooting for GRC-171 radio--isolated fault to COMSEC wiring--restored U-2 pilot comm
-- Supervised SATCOM radio troubleshooting--coordinated preamp replacement--restored threat-warning link

- Spearheaded 4-person team; worked 20 straight hrs; installed critical reqts to support Sea of Japan combat ops
-- Completed installation in 24 hrs--provided immediate US response to North Korean (nK) fighter aggression
-- Routed/terminated fiber; installed $150K SATCOM; deployed antennas; installed 3 intel ops workstations
-- Doubled {NAF} threat-warning capability--armed AOC and intel operators with real-time picture of nK forces

- Led 3-person team; helped contractors/install team on $3M BLUEGATE upgrade to two classified networks
-- Worked 14-hr shift for 2 weeks; modified and reconfigured over 200 intelligence operations workstations
-- Installed, terminated, traced and labeled over 600 fiber cables; tested line quality; documented configuration
-- Authored initial training package for new systems--assured all MX troops fully trained to sustain system ops
-- Saved 1,000 man-hours--increased bandwidth 10-fold--paved way for upcoming computer systems upgrade

- Great technical expertise; flawlessly installed over 400 feet of audio cables & two servers supporting 22 intel collection systems--increased storage/playback capability by 500% and significantly increased audio clarity
-- Repaired TRACECHAIN fault that degraded audio reception; reset server--restored intel collection platform 
-- Responded to outage on redundant classified message system--quickly isolated & replaced faulty hard drive; reloaded system operating software; restored data back-up capabilities--no loss of critical data collection

- Led AFSC cross utilization in shop--hurdled radio MX manning challenges--team effort maximized ops uptime
-- Conquered highly complex advisory/warning radio feedback fault; adjusted amplification and relocated output devices--restored threat-warning channel critical to safe U-2 operations near North Korean border
-- Directed repair to two SATCOM radios--restored airborne warning link to Rivet Joint & AWACS missions
-- Isolated fault on constantly transmitting radio control set; repaired crypto equip--averted U-2 mission abort

- Out-front leader with aggressive approach to restoring mission-critical ground-based surveillance systems 
-- Supervised repairs to timing system fault; isolated/replaced faulty connector in 15 mins--restored TS/SCI net 
-- Orchestrated install of 3 new secure phone circuits--provided training manager secure comm for customers 
-- Isolated message system failure; worked with distant end to repair line--restored NSA intel dissemination

- Great under pressure! Quickly executed $13.5K of end-of-year fallout funds within short 48-hour deadline
-- Ordered 2 new UHF antennas to replace weather-worn antennas--enhanced reliability of threat-warning net
-- Researched/ordered 30 items worth $2.5K for end-of-year--replenished preventive maintenance supplies

- Led 4-person team; installed memory upgrade in 50 Looking Glass intel workstations--boosted system speed
-- Reduced record/playback response time by 25%--improved surveillance/intel collection vital to warfighter

- Resourceful leader; sought workcenter & mission improvement opportunities--motivated troops to get results
-- Researched, ordered and installed hard drive upgrade for Above Ground theater situational display system; provided reliable real-time air/ground picture of Korean Peninsula in support of NSA and U-2 operations
-- Loaded 6 SATCOM tasks to radio technicians, normally 2E1X1 task--setup training with 607 ACOMS

- Team player; seized opportunities to resolve internal and external and remote tour challenges--key to success 
-- Led 3-man team to validate Position Equipment Table inventory; verified ID numbers on 700+ equip items; realigned items to correct tracking code--validated unit’s manpower for 27 NSA-funded manpower billets
-- Appointed technicians as crew chief for one week each; closed 50 deferred PMIs--instilled ops big picture 
-- Upgraded 8 classified system’s audio outputs--clearer sound quality for exploitation workstation operators

- Supervised computer maintenance on AWACS computer display systems on two E-3B aircraft worth $600M
-- Solved complex display console failure affecting four consoles--quickly pinpointed faulty power supply
-- Identified two more power supplies as defective upon issue--submitted deficiency reports; saved AF $20K
-- Key team leader; attained zero computer system repeat/recurs--best E-3B repeat/recur rate in AF at 2.7%

- Take-charge leader; aircraft computer maintenance expert--efforts vital to airborne command-control mission
-- Directed in-flight technicians on computer diagnostics via phone patch; enabled system reconfiguration
-- Restored mission capabilities--prevented mission abort; contributed to lowest AF E-3B abort rate of 2.5%
-- Totally revamped computer system’s isochronal inspection process; reduced inspection time by 30% while training 5 new technicians--best ever zero defect rating noted in subsequent Quality Assurance inspection

- Rejuvenated workcenter training program; ACC IG found zero discrepancies during Apr ‘03 UCI--compliant
-- Aggressive trainer--qualified 7 troops on 70+ MX tasks--ensured shop sufficiently trained to support ops
-- Realigned minimum task coverage for three AFSCs within the workcenter--reduced deficient tasks by 70% 
-- Instructed CAMS refresher class--increased workcenter data integrity; lowered CAMS error rate to 2.6%
-- Nominated by Sq/CC to IG as UCI “Superior Performer” for model workcenter training & CAMS programs

- Knows maintenance programs; delved into workcenter additional duties to maximize program effectiveness
-- Workcenter SORTS monitor; up channeled equipment, manpower & training data--vital to Sq war readiness
-- Diligently tracked down missing 4 Ultra 10 PCs , audio ICOM, Cisco router--recouped $50K vital spares
-- Orchestrated improved process to pre-configure spare intel workstations; provided “plug & play” spares; cut time to replace crashed systems from 8 hrs to 10 minutes/machine--virtually eliminated mission aborts

- Exceptional hands-on manager; constantly looking for ways to improve internal processes and mission results
-- Aggressively reviewed workcenter preventive maintenance and equipment inventory listings containing over 400 items; corrected 300 discrepancies--improved workcenter maintenance effectiveness by 25%
-- Initiated workcenter self-assessment; created on-line self assessment tracker--closed 30 discrepancies
-- Led revision of 12 local MX work cards--incorporated vital changes to ensure safety/equip performance

- Distinguished Graduate of NCO Academy Class 03-06--presented coin of excellence by {GROUP} CCM
-- Coordinated banquet/photography for 16 students--greatly contributed to memorable graduation ceremony
-- Setup PCs/furniture for {BASE} grade school--significantly enhanced learning environment for 250 students

- Thirsts to improve personal leadership/technical talents--applied new insights/skills to lead his workcenter
-- Completed 3-day 1st Sgt seminar; honed leadership skills--applied valuable insights to lead his crew
-- Finished Speech class; earned 3 credits--only 1 class shy of CCAF Electronics Systems Technology degree 
-- Jumped in to new 5/6 Club for Amn - TSgt; represented division at monthly meetings--on track for success
-- Sought self-improvement; completed Cisco router and RIM IV classes; finished three LAN CBT courses

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