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Award Cat: Technician - Supervisor
Winner: ???

AFI 36-2845

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The following Example has been taken out of IMT viewer so the formatting might be off.  I did not changed mission information, only names to protect myself and the people I have received the information from.  If you have anything you would like to submit, please do so.  If you have found this information useful, please let me know. Everyone of these letters has taken considerable amount of time to put together.  Please treat yourself to something special from one of the ads on the page.  We will both get something out of it.  (All money gathered pays for hosting fees and domain fees.  HONESTLY, when I see money come in it also prompts me to work harder on the site.)

I will attempt to give a little insight to the entire process if I know it.

- #1 out of 39 SSgts in unit per ##CBCS/CC! Squadron NCO and Comm-Electronics Maintainer of the Quarter
- Deployed to ## AEG, Gulfport MS for Hurricane Katrina--11K tons supplies delivered/5.8K people rescued
- Setup morale tent in Gulfport, MS...installed 12 DSN lines--provided comms to 500 troops in 14 organizations
- Extended data/voice svcs to Gulfport tent city via joint effort w/###th ACS ANG--supported 1000+ personnel
- Key player in pallet preparation for Hurricane Rita...11 pallets air mobile in 7 hours--unit UTC's 100% ready
- Excelled as shift supervisor during mobility exercise--work center received "Outstanding" rating for activation
  -- Programmed three remote links/40 local voice circuits--100% activation with services extended in 36 hours
- Installed Voice over IP hotline with ANG...unit's first use during real world mission--used to close six outages
- Created 26 historical records for all voice equipment--ensured accurate status reporting for $2.2M TDC suite
- Supervised preparation efforts for Exercise BRIGHT STAR...processed 11 pallets--100% air mobility ready
- Supervised team clearing warehouse of surplus equipment and furniture--returned 15 tons back to AF inventory
- Led acceptance checks on upgraded switches...identified/repaired 20 program faults--100% deployment ready
- Palletized 180 tons of equipment for field exercise--resulted in zero frustrations and zero wait time for airlift
- Trained five work center personnel on construction of tactical connectors...reduced TDC set-up by three hours
- Inventoried and turned in six telephone support kits to TDC depot--returned $20K in resources to AF inventory
- Directed pack up/turn in of $950K+ worth of obsolete comm equipment--reconstituted assets to group supply
- Directed 20 personnel palletizing 13 increments/35K lbs of equipment--five UTC's 100% complete in 12 hours

- Completed 8 pre-deployment inspections for Exercise BRIGHT STAR--equip 100% ready in 1/3 allotted time
- Organized $8M worth of TDC equipment in warehouse by UTC/increment--slashed pallet build-up time 40%
- Led organization/inventory of 17K items in storage cage--recognized as "Best practice" during UCE inspection
- Performed testing on Large Voice Module/new upgraded switches--channeled incompatibilities to management
- Consolidated 8 BAM manuals into one step-by-step guide--10 training hours saved in task research per trainee
- Successfully installed new software for eight tactical switches--increased troubleshooting proficiency by 30%
- Pivitol to TDC reconstitution...led 10 acceptance inspections--ensured 100% accounting of $2.2M voice suite
- Committed 12 hours in palletizing $1M of tactical voice equipment--two days ahead of standard response time
- Expertly constructed and tested 20k ft of tactical fiber--set up time reduced by 6 hours during training exercise
- Preconfigured eight BAMs with basic operating instructions--reduced set up time 4 hours during local exercise
- Zero write-ups as primary building custodian--recognized as "Outstanding Performer" by UCE inspection team

- Key observer for Exercise UNITED ARCHITECTURE--gathered lessons learned for future US/UK exercises
- Accomplished five computer related CBTs in 1 month--used knowledge gained to train 6 personnel on 61 tasks
- Developed TDC training area...mirrored deployed environment--51 personnel received training on equipment
- Excelled in knowledge! Trained personnel on optical test equipment--repaired 10k ft of cable for unit exercise
- Provided Basic Access Module training for six ANG members--prepared personnel for deployment into AOR
- Completed in-depth Corrosion Control training--used skills to perform nine pre-deployment equip inspections
- Trained three shop personnel on tactical switch setup and administration--boosted wartime task coverage 10%

- Volunteered at Katrina relief center...sorted clothes/childrens items and helped build over 1300 care packages
  -- Tirelessly distributed several tons of food, water and supplies--served over 2,000 cars/7,000 people daily
- Led unit formation at Group Picnic--superb support to honorary Squadron Commanders appointment ceremony
- Initiated rigorous flight PT program...50K push-ups, 20K sit-ups, 400 miles ran--scored "Excellent" on PT test
- Dedicated 6 hours to # CCG Meals on Wheels program--delivered meals to over 40 low income homes locally
- Voluntered for setup/clean-up during base Summer Bash--boosted morale of 2000+ civilian/military personel


  Great package!   Bullets organized and convey impact.  The only problems highlighted were spelling and number errors. 

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