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Award Examples

 Lt Gen Leo Marques Award 01-02

Award Cat: Supervisor-Manager
Winner: Yes - Group

AFI 36-2818 para 5.4

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The following Example has been taken out of FORMFLOW.  I have changed some mission information to protect myself and the people I have received the information from.  I will attempt to give a little insight to the entire process if I know it.

If you have anything you would like to submit, please do so.  Also, if you have found this information useful, please let me know. Everyone of these items has taken considerable amount of time to put together.  Please use the ads on this site to help support the site.  All money gathered pays for hosting fees and domain fees.  (HONESTLY, when I see money come in it also prompts me to work harder on the site.)

Copied from Form Flow used in MS Word with these settings
Laser Jet 4M
Pg Stats: .7 LT .7 RT .5 T .5 B

Couple of Notes:

  In this award you don't utilize one line bullets to get more information in the package.  In the case of the Marquez package, you want to use the 5 line clusters as much as possible.  Not to mention you get more information in it that way.  The use of names sometimes takes place, but that is a local command policy.

- Directs efforts sustaining the Distributed Ground Station-? (DGS-?) weapon system; the Air Force's 
premier multi-source intelligence system...prepared battle-space using reachback comms architecture
with $1B U-2/$45M Global Hawk (GH) & $5M Predator unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) platforms
-- Touched every aspect of mission--fingerprints found across every mission area for 550-person site
-- SNCO Gold standard...leader/mentor/ airman more vital to {SQU}/{Wing}/{BASE} msn success

- Unit Deployment Manager (UDM); put unit mobility apparatus to work following 9/11 terrorist attack
-- Hit afterburners to execute JCS deployment order...put in 70-hour weeks in first-ever combat use of
U-2 SENIOR SPUR Extended Tether Program (ETP) beyond-line-of-sight reachback technology
-- Deployed 25 short-tons of equipment and 26 airmen to support Operation ENDURING FREEDOM
(OEF) with only 3 days of notice! Reachback ops reduced airlift needs--saved Air Force over $17M

- Managed a $350K flight budget and manpower requirements; employed the GH UAV for its first-ever
operational mission; received 32 active-duty airmen/ANG to stand up the time-sensitive-targeting msn
-- Rapidly mobilized 3 squadrons, built new GH Unit Type Codes (UTCs), executed $40K emergency
spending in 2 days & trounced aggressive CINCCENT timeline; 65 target intelligence sorties to date
-- Pivotal to maximizing CINC's wartime flexibility; provided theater targetable intel to execute OEF

- Skillfully sustained $25M Mobile Stretch (MOBSTR) U-2 data relay ground site & GH ops in Europe
-- Managed rapid relocation of MOBSTR from Italy to Germany; changed 15 reporting instructions
billets; allowed San Vito AS to return to Italy; helped deployed mobility manager tailor aircraft load
plan...enabled rapid and safe deployment...positioned MOBSTR to distribute OEF U-2 intelligence
-- Automated load plan and load and packing lists; provided template to streamline future deployments

- Manpower mastermind; conducted meticulous manning study; ensured positions were identified under
one of six UTCs; greatly reduced number of Air Expeditionary Force taskings for heavily tasked unit
-- Re-organized DGS-? UTCs...placed all equipment and maintenance personnel in {SQU} UTCs and
operations personnel in {SQU} UTC; enabled quick implementation of ACC-directed reorganization
-- Masterfully managed flight's 130 manpower allocations composed of eight Air Force career fields

- 1 of 3 Additional Duty First Sergeants for a 280-person squadron...a position of trust; filled in for
short periods to give First Sergeant a break; allowed the First Sergeant to make PCS preparations
-- High honor considering the unit has 30 eligible SNCOs for the duty; speaks volumes about his skills
-- Unparalleled acumen; tactfully managed sensitive personal affairs; set-up/organized qtr award board

- Master of efficiency--demonstrated to ACC/HQ existing manpower databases could show contingency
OPSTEMPO data with only slight modifications; avoided duplication of work/need for more databases
-- Instigated use of ACC's Intelligence Functional Area Assessment manpower tracking software pgm 
-- Provided HHQ with detailed information on resource/manpower availability and deployment history

- Ops-comm-logistics authority; disciplined in the art of logistics...expertly managed a $350K budget
-- Collaborated with contracting office and contractors to design/install $70K mezzanine; improved the
appearance/functionality of warehouse 500%...layout more conducive to meet unit's mobility plan
-- Identified critical systems lacking contract maintenance support from Warner Robins Air Logistics
Center; provided sustainment data to ACC/HQ to ensure inclusion in future-year budgeting planning

- {SQU} SNCO of Year for 01...#1 of 72...also {GROUP}'s 02 Capt Lance Sijan Leadership Award nominee
-- Selected because of breadth of experience/attention-to-detail as Maintenance Support Superintendent

- Expertly supported a slew of DGS-? weapon system upgrades that helped to ID/engage/kill al-Qaeda
-- Ushered in advanced mensurated target coordinate mods; accuracy improved 80%...maximized kills 
-- Oversaw a $10M communications shelter upgrade; transit-cased comms gear for rapid deployment
-- Redeployed people/gear to set-up DGS-? Forward's time-sensitive-targeting msn for CENTCOM
    --- Huge dividends for Operation ANACONDA; helped find/fix/track/target/kill al-Qaeda terrorists

- Font of wisdom within the unit; led squadron/flight through a successful {GROUIP} Staff Assistance Visit
-- Led TCTO reconciliation team; identified overdue TCTOs; produced bi-weekly report; coordinated
with global agencies; ensured efficient/reliable configuration; mitigated several endemic problems
-- Catalyst for innovation; provided sound rationale for new organizational layout; linked similar unit
programs under new Mission Support flight...natural working groups improved efficiency by 50%

- DGS-2 liaison to 9RW...deployment concept briefer; articulated unit capabilities/shortfalls
-- Conveyed complex terminology in simple terms...DGS-? Battle Staff poised for decisions/response to scenarios
-- Used self-taught knowledge to train a new UDM after losing a Logistics Planner UDM
performed marvelously in assisting/mobilizing personnel/equipment for new Global Hawk mission
-- Coordinated site preparations for VIP visits--enabled base/unit to show its pride and professionalism

- Preeminent planner--key advisor to the commander in devising contingency plans for possible actions
against Iraq...gave comprehensive insight of current limitation factors and offered workable solutions

- Exemplar military citizen; his enthusiasm inspires all; fingerprints on practically every unit function
-- Led unit fund-raiser...raised $1,000 in donations for the American Red Cross after the 9/11 attack
-- Participated in monthly US Dept of Agriculture food give-away program for needy families on base
-- Directed the weekly food give-away program at the base chapel; a squadron sponsored program that
collects excess perishable goods from the base commissary, again supporting families on {BASE} AFB

- No stranger to the grill...served up healthy doses of camaraderie and esprit de corp on many occasions
-- Prepared, cooked and served his secret recipe BBQ beef brisket on several occasions...provided
delicious meals and camaraderie for 120 unit members; raised over $400 for morale activities/events
-- Fed 250 DGS-? personnel and their families a home-cooked Thanksgiving meal...spent over 6 hours
cooking turkeys and leading preparation...fantastic job! Everyone enjoyed themselves immensely

- Adds real value to the base community; renown as a volunteer who often leads base & youth programs
-- Enthusiastic chapel member; choir member, works with children's choir and prepares worship area
-- Blood donor; a source of unit pride...DGS-? exceeds the combined donations of the rest of the base
-- Active Enlisted Club and Recce Point Golf Club member...ensured quality base recreation facilities
-- Tutored two home-school students in math; provided instruction in times a week/2 hours a session

- Athletic/fit...intelligently manages his time to keep his body fit/trim; far exceeds Air Force standards
-- DGS-? Golf Team Captain...led unit team to 1st Place victory; secured precious Commander's Cup
Trophy points for base intramural sports competition; DGS-2 tied for first-place in overall standings
-- Spearheaded DGS-? golf tournament--obtained 30 quality prizes from businesses...fitting farewell to
two unit experienced between squadrons, military/contractors and base leaders

- Avid unit booster club supporter; worked vending concessions at Sacramento Valley Amphitheater to
earn money for the club...efforts helped raise $9K+ to support unit parties and recognition programs
-- Put more money into the booster club's coffers; restocked snackbars and vending machines to earn
the club an additional $50 a week; used a portion of booster club money to work three retirements
ceremonies; put together all elements to build a dignified ceremony for three of our finest airmen

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