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AF LT. Gen. Leo Marquez Maintenance Award (FY05)

Award Cat: SNCO
Winner: ACC - No; 8th AF - Yes

AFI 36-2845

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The following Example has been taken out of IMT viewer so the formatting might be off.  I did not changed mission information, only names to protect myself and the people I have received the information from.  If you have anything you would like to submit, please do so.  If you have found this information useful, please let me know. Everyone of these letters has taken considerable amount of time to put together.  Please treat yourself to something special from one of the ads on the page.  We will both get something out of it.  (All money gathered pays for hosting fees and domain fees.  HONESTLY, when I see money come in it also prompts me to work harder on the site.)

- Selected to fill unit's CMSgt billet for 130 days; led 77 personnel in maintaining nation's high demand aircraft
  -- Back to basics focus increased aircraft availability; repeat/recur rate down 50%--improved aircrew training
  -- Orchestrated rotations of four recon missions/three separate operating locations; recon on watch, on time
  -- "Fix it right, fix it once" doctrine; pulled mission capable rate up 9.3%--increased wing combat capability
  -- Melded deployed COBRA BALL mx into single team; completed 7 Op ENDURING FREEDOM missions
- Management expert; balanced 6 separate deployments--processed 146 personnel and 185 tons of equipment
  -- Coordinated with depot for repair of a delaminated right inboard flap; rapid actions ensured acft met msn
  -- ACC and JCS impact; factor in 1,863 hours of intelligence data collection--info vital to national security
  -- Directed CENTCOM RC-135 mx activities; key to 97.7% scheduling effectiveness rate on 560 combat msns
- Seasoned expert! Led maintenance preparation for 2005 AIA/ACC UCI Team visit--unit 100% in compliance
- Led 37 mx and supply technicians in support of 4 RC-135 aircraft during a deployment to Al Udeid AB, Qatar
  -- Generated over 150 sorties/1,731 hrs of vital theater intelligence; mission-capable rates increased to 81%
  -- Oversaw first deployed RC-135 900-hr insp in USCENTAF; completed in less than 11 hrs; half job standard
  -- Directed 1,500-hour engine fan blade insps; 5 insps completed in 4 hrs; less than half the 10-hr job standard
- Led unit in 100 ARW annual safety inspection; identified/corrected deficient areas--achieved zero findings

- My 1st choice to fill key leadership positions--instrumental to unit's 92.3% FSE rate, 14.3% higher than std
-- Aggressively rectified tool kit inspections; posted a 94.5% QA pass rate--led to a 5% increase over FY'04
-- Expert in unit self inspection program; identified 23 discrepancies in multiple areas--AF & ACC compliant
-- Initiated investigation of 3-year inventory oversight; recovered 4 missing autopilot gyroscopes worth $60K
-- Utilized management products to verify accuracy of 360 supply transactions; ensured 100% unit accounting
- Directly supported GWoT; twice deployed RIVET JOINT acft & support--95% ISR mission effective rate
-- Paragon of leadership behind America's 'trust but verify' policy--created trust among 28 signatory countries
- "Follow me" leadership style ensured 98% training utilization and untouchable overall 99% CDC pass rate
- Fielded $25k lazer etcher; ensured positive tool identification--reduced accountability errors/processing time
- Architect of mx programs; implemented leading edge FOD initiatives; garnered 100th Wing annual FOD award
- Directed restructure of unit's critical COMSEC account; USAFE inspectors lauded as "Best account on base"

- Selected #1 of 13 MSgts! Key to 651 EUCOM/CENTCOM sorties; 78% msn capable rate beat cmd std by 4% - Resident expert in all areas; led ESOHCAMP prep, "Very strong program" by CE chief inspector--zero defects
-- Executed first-rate facilities/hazardous waste prgm--in depth 100 ARW inspection netted zero discrepancies
- Expertly managed 4 HPMSKs containing 4,470 spares; maint 99% fill rate--100 ARW rated 95 RS as best!
- Superb leader! Methodically validated/ensured quality mx; drove 1.2% repeat/recur rate; leads wing average
- Authored a new Production Superintendent training plan; ensured all mx SNCOs were fully qualified in 2 mo
- Proactive maintainer; identified training deficiencies and took action--reducing QA failure rates by over 15%
- Conducted forms documentation training class; developed acft forms checklist--lowered failure rate by 30%
- Thoroughly monitored maintenance documentation; reduced CAMS error rate from 3.1% to an amazing 0.4%
- Jumped in as Work Group Manager--created 94 logins/updated 26 PCs; ensured maintenance data collection

- Set himself apart from peers; awarded "## AMU SNCO of the Month" Apr 05; excels in toughest situations
- Does it all! Active wing Top 3 member; handpicked as Base Advisory Council Manager for 3,000 enlisted
- Main contributor to softball tournament & July 4th celebration booth; raised $2,400 for morale activities
- "BritBallRun 2005" champion! UK national road rally for charity--raised over $2,000 for "Children in Need"
- Authored winning NCO/Airman MXG quarterly packages; instilled pride and professionalism in his people


I really like this package, its full of numbers showing impact and bullets outlining the persons ability.  There are two things to note.  First, laser is spelt wrong unless that is the name on the device.  The second really doesn't impact this award package but it is a good time to bring it up is how the word picture is painted.  above highlighted in light blue is half job standard. Be careful with type of  word usage because it has a double meaning...  In this case it means the person completed the job in half of the time standard, but it could also mean the job was done so quickly due to the person skipping job standards.  This really comes into play in EPR/OPR time because it will leave a board guessing. 


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