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Cat: Base
Winner: ?

AFI 36-2805, para 3.5.5

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The following Example has been taken out of a IMT document.  I have changed mission information to protect myself and the people I have received the information from.  I will attempt to give a little insight to the entire process if I know it.

If you have anything you would like to submit, please do so.  Also, if you have found this information useful, please let me know. Everyone of these items has taken considerable amount of time to put together.  Please use the ads on this site to help support the site.  All money gathered pays for hosting fees and domain fees.  (HONESTLY, when I see money come in it also prompts me to work harder on the site.)

- $70M construction & facility upgrade program--most in one year since <AFB> reopened in late '50s!
-- Includes $23M in MFH, $22M other MILCON, $16M in O&M, $7M in Energy, and $4M in Environmental
- $17M in airfield pavement repairs without impacting our F-15Es and KC-135s flying missions supporting
  Operations NOBLE EAGLE (ONE) and IRAQI FREEDOM (OIF) or normal flying operations for two wings
- Won $11M state-of-the-art fire station project--vastly improving our base's emergency response capabilities
- $6.6M Global War on Terrorism (GWOT) projects for command & control, war readiness, other upgrades
- Engineered solution and secured $2.8M to migrate base's Land Mobile Radio (LMR) infrastructure from
  wideband VHF to narrowband UHF trunked system--a full four years ahead of nationally mandated deadline!
- 48 new SABER projects (over $6M) across base--from upgrading maintenance facilities to clinic renovations
- MFH boom--78 families into new homes this FY; 220 homes under construction--superb benchmark for others
- Engineered MFH redevelopment plan--Air Staff approved; $140M master plan--map to 1,285 new homes
- Completed $1.4M perimeter fence and $1.3M flightline fence upgrades--improving force protection & security
- Invested $800K to replace obsolete comm switching system--doubling base's network throughput capability
- $650K perimeter road improvement enhances security response & provides new long distance jogging course
- Built comprehensive 2025 Base Plan--providing a masterfully integrated path for future base development
- Partnered with local energy company, we're switching from central steam plant to individual facility units
  -- Saving $690K in annual utility costs, avoiding $2M upgrade to old system and removing steam line hazards
- Installed $500K Automated Weather Observing System--integrating nine separate, unsupportable systems
  -- Provides reliable, instant, and accurate weather observing and forecasting for base and flying operations
- Secured $500K to remove structures posing airfield hazards--enhancing flying safety and mission capabilities
- Accomplished phenomenal $500K pharmacy renovation--showcased at Combined Forces Pharmacy Seminar
- Installed $450K PharmAssist automated dispensing system--seamless changeover, vastly improving service
- Acquired and set up In-Place Patient Decontamination and Laboratory Response for Homeland Defense WMD
  capabilities--providing biological and chemical response detection and treatment options for base & local area
- Identified need to protect EOD gear--snagged $400K in GWOT and increased EOD's secure storage area
- Repaired CMS Propulsion Flight's roof--replaced 42K sq ft of sagging shingles, water leaks were shorting
  lights and computers--weather outside no longer impacts troops working inside; huge workplace improvement!
- ### ARW, our sister AFRC KC-135 WG, also orchestrated significant facility improvement during this period
  -- Invested over $2.7M upgrading wash rack, $1M replacing roof on isochronal inspection hangar, $700K
     repairing cracked concrete on KC-135 parking ramp and $300K adding space to consolidate two Comm Flts
- ### ARW took over one of our nose docks and has secured $600K to renovate--"total force" concept at work
- Recaptured 26 valuable acres in our industrial land use area by efficiently reorganizing contractor and unused
  vehicle storage areas--providing environmentally friendly green space until needed for future development
- Began renovating our four Operations Squadrons to accommodate state-of-the-art Personal Computer Aircrew
  Training Device (PCATD) system and Integrated Aircrew Training (IAT) system--vast training improvements

- Provided 78 upgraded modern homes for our families; over 200 more currently in works--a huge QOL plus!
- Expanded youth summer programs 50% for children ages 6 thru 16 years--safe, exciting fun for over 750 kids
  -- Pre-Teens and Teens participated in 10 major programs at no cost to their parents ranging from AF Aviation
     & Space, 4H Adventure, Boys & Girls Club Leadership, to Science Rocket Camp--super programs at no cost
- We assisted our licensed Home Care Providers in obtaining State subsidies, reducing child care cost by 70%
- Our Child Development Center increased their <ABR> State Star rating from 1 to 4 while still reducing parent cost
- "Best-Ever July 4 Base Party"--treated over 5,000 military members and families to safe and fun celebration
- Established school liaison position to help families work with local schools--providing advocate for our kids
- Operated a one-of-a-kind "Family Place"; unique facility and program located in heart of family housing area
  -- Focused on family issues, offers everything from nutrition education/cooking to autism support group
- Operated Family Farewell and Reunion Area for deployments--major morale multiplier for troops & families
- $85K in upgrades to Paintball/Skeet ranges, Mini Golf, Go Cart Track and Batting Cages--heavily used areas
- Totally renovated and upgraded Enlisted Club Ballroom--designed by and dedicated to our enlisted warriors
- Upgraded our Golf Course with new restroom facilities, cart paths, and state-of-the-art greens--best in area
- Invested over $65K upgrading Bowling Center's Cosmic Bowling--better lights, sound system and lasers
- Huge lodging improvements; $125K to VIP suite, $83K keyless entry system, and upgraded 40 TLF rooms
- Replaced library's antiquated tracking system with $90K SIRSI.Net Consortium--much more user friendly
- Ensuring Team <BASE> warriors are "Fit to Fight", our Flight Kitchen developed the "Human Weapons
  System" providing "Grab and Go" heart healthy food selections--our idea and menu benchmarked by ACC
- Developed Spouses' Right Start session to provide information geared toward younger non-military spouses
  -- Already increased spouse participation at Right Start over 200% with better and more useful information
- Trained 300 patients on advanced self-testing diabetes/glucose monitor--greatly reducing wait time in clinic
- Coordinated pharmacy information table at Retiree's Appreciation Day--decreased treatment delays by 50%
- Added electronic medication formulary list to base web site--improving patient awareness and confidence
- Exceeded ACC prescription accuracy standard; 221K prescriptions with 99.98% accuracy--hard to beat!
- Operated a unique health area "Bella Morphosis"--comfortable setting focusing on our female troops/spouses
- Orchestrated regular deployed spouse/families meetings allowing one-on-one time with wing leadership
-- Excellent forum to share information, answer questions, and address issues before they become problems
- Built privacy fences in MFH, renovated jogging trails w/lights and exercise stations--improving QOL at SJ

- Warfighting capability is Team <BASE> priority #1 and we work very hard every day to improve!
- Generated 12,406 F-15E sorties and 20,501 flying hours--the largest Flying Hour Program in all of ACC
- Flew 702 tanker sorties, 2,460 hours; offloaded 9.24 million pounds of fuel to 1,127 receiving allied aircraft
- Superb safety efforts captured Boeing's coveted 110,000 Flying Hour Award for zero Class-A mishaps!
- AF's #1 AFREP; led in MICAPs filled and dollars saved--reinvested $8.8M in base facilities and equipment
  -- Repaired 797 parts, filled/avoided 343 MICAPs, $10M in combined savings--nobody else comes close!
- We completed the F-15C/D paint process in 5 days versus normal 7-10 days for ## and ## Fighter Wings
  -- Increased aircraft availability and sortie generation rates for both units by utilizing Contract Field Team
- Deployed 12 F-15Es, over 1500 personnel and 100,000 pounds of cargo in support of ongoing OIF missions
  -- Right people, right equipment, delivered on time; picture of perfection; flawless support of GWOT
- Completed most comprehensive Flying Training Unit (FTU) syllabus rewrite in F-15E history, placing more
  emphasis on new F-15E taskings; allows operational F-15E units to fully integrate crews in minimum time
- Revamped aircrew egress and hanging harness training class schedule; increased class availability 100%
- Coordinated Physical Health Day with clinics/HAWC--saved 2,019 transit hours by combining 8 processes
  -- Qualified 611 students for worldwide duty within 3 weeks of arrival--prior process took 1 year to finish
- Processed 1.3K equipment turn-ins--directly precluding hundreds of MICAP events; efforts contributed to a
  cumulative cannibalization rate of 16%--saving millions of dollars and beating ACC's standard by over 2%
- First-ever deployment of 257 Air Force civil engineer personnel supporting forward deployed Army units
- Incredible response to recent F-15E crash in <STATE>--established and manned a mobile command center,
  provided full operating support and secure communications between crash site and base in less than 12 hours
- Expertly used GPS technology to lead investigation team to aircraft wreckage spread over 3 mile radius of
  rugged, wooded mountainous terrain--recovered over 30 tons of wreckage, returned it to base in just 8 days
- Multiple ongoing upgrades to aircrew training devices providing plethora of simulator training capabilities
  -- PCATD/IATs provide aircrew multiple simulator training options--quantum leap in training opportunities
- Amazing 99.3% accuracy on $205K MedWar Readiness Materiel inventory--beat Air Force 95% standard
- Seamlessly integrated ### ARNG troops into our SFS unit--improving our Force Protection by teamwork
- Lost 50% CATM range capacity due to renovation--reworked schedules & kept 100% of our folks qualified
- Partnered with local power company to save over $100K in annual utility costs through base system upgrades
- $1M installation ECP renovation of three gate entrance facilities and one vehicle search overhang; better
  traffic flow, improved lighting and increased overall security--destined to become new Air Force standard

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