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Award Examples

Outstanding Enlisted Intelligence Contributor of the Year 

Award Cat: Non-Intelligence AFSC - NCO
Winner: No

AFI 36-2807 Para 16.3.1

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The following Example has been taken out of a FORMFLOW so the formatting might be off.  I did not changed mission information, only names to protect myself and the people I have received the information from.

I will attempt to give a little insight to the entire process if I know it.

If you have anything you would like to submit, please do so.  Also, if you have found this information useful, please let me know. Everyone of these items has taken considerable amount of time to put together.  Please use the ads on this site to help support the site.  All money gathered pays for hosting fees and domain fees.  (HONESTLY, when I see money come in it also prompts me to work harder on the site.)

Copied from Form Flow used in MS Word with these settings
Laser Jet 4M
Pg Stats: .6 LT .6 RT .5 T .5 B

OUTSTANDING LEADERSHIP: Total package; possesses unsurpassed leadership & technical skills
- Dedicated professional, superior technician and top notch team leader sustaining the $1B Distributed
  Ground Station ? (DGS-?) weapon system…the AF's premier multiple source intelligence production
  -- Supports reachback communications architecture using the U-2/satellite/Predator and Global Hawk
      unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) platforms...number 1 choice to "find, fix and kill" al Qaeda forces
  -- Provided warfighters/senior decision-makers dominant battlespace awareness/actionable intelligence
- Outstanding leadership during 91-day TDY to $25M Mobile Stretch (MOBSTR) U-2 ground relay site
  -- Aided in the timely dissemination of high-quality intelligence to the Commander, Central Command
     and other warfighters responsible for planning and executing Operation ENDURING FREEDOM
- Driving force behind unit mobility readiness operations; trained/inspired others; greatly influenced the
  revival of mobility-mindedness; precursor to unit meeting mobility taskings within 72 hrs; outstanding
- DGS-? Production Supervisor; flight focal point and lead for all site maintenance activities during U-2
  and Global Hawk missions; directly contributed to DGS-?'s unparalleled 98.6% system readiness rate
- Project manager for multiple mods--timeliness, accuracy and lethality increased with each refinement
  -- Managed a $10M communications shelter; transit-cased communications gear for rapid deployment
  -- Redeployed people/gear to setup DGS-? Forward's time-sensitive targeting mission for CENTCOM
  -- Ushered in advance mensurated target coordinate mods; accuracy improved 80%...maximized kills
- Super motivator; inspires technicians in Communications Operations Segment (COS) work center
  -- COS identified as best production work center out of seven for first quarter 2002; tough competition

- Pure focus! Forged path/led team to bypass system bandwidth choke point for imagery dissemination
  -- Routed time critical information through USAF's Distributed Common Ground System wide area
      network; boosted circuit speed 400%...gave shooter access to targetable intel at unprecedented rate
  -- Solved show-stopping tech issues, led to record setting imagery collection--zenith of the "kill chain"
- Directly supported Operation ENDURING FREEDOM; coordinated the delivery of raw imagery
  to analysts; ensured timely dissemination of high-quality intelligence to national/theater commanders 
- Flawlessly managed 57 items for 3 equipment accounts worth $3.2M; created specialized database that
   ensured 100% accountability; benchmarked as "Best Practice" during recent {GROUP}Staff Assist Visit
- Innovative. Established first ever personnel database...provides increased visibility and ease of access

- Preeminent maintainer--key in sustaining critical East Mediterranean intelligence collection missions
  -- Pivotal to 36 successful sorties; converted data to proper format--forwarded on to national agencies 
  -- Provided comprehensive oversight of imagery processing systems; operational readiness of essential
      intel processing systems guaranteed President and SECDEF informed of developing Mid East events
- Recognized expertise; hand-picked by sq commander on short notice site survey; superior knowledge
  extremely critical to mission success; enabled the timely relocation of critical ground radio relay equip
- Expertly prepared MOBSTR assets and associated support equipment for shipment via military airlift
  -- Spearheaded palletization of 100 tons/35 pallets of equipment; only third airlift in its 6-yr history
- Super dynamo during COS repackaging endeavor; depopulated old equipment racks/assembled mobile
  configuration; superb efforts reduced foot-print from staggering 17 full racks to just 12 transit cases 
  -- Troubleshot crypto and modem interface problem to improperly pinned cable; fabricated new cable
  -- Separated shelters and reinserted modified COS shelter...scheduled for 12 hours; accomplished in 6
- Crypto expert. Trained COS system operators on operational use of new KIV-7 encryption device
- Troubleshot/re-wired intermittent U-2 threat radio circuit; ensured aircrew safety over hostile airspace
- Resident comms guru; deployed as part of advon team to establish mission infrastructure for a second 
  MOBSTR move this site locale allowed monitoring/compliance with latest UN resolutions

General Notes:

This package is weak.  It only seems to focus on system upgrades, and only one at that.  Concerning the focus of the award, it was a good bullet for an EPR or another award, but doesn't drive toward the purpose of outstanding intel contributor.  (IMHO)  

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