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Award Examples


Award Cat: NCO
Winner: Base

AFI 36-2818, Table 6.2

Key Points to Writing
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The following USAF Supply Technician Of The Year example has been taken out of IMT viewer so the formatting might be off.  I did not changed mission information, only names to protect myself and the people I have received the information from.  If you have anything you would like to submit, please do so.  If you have found this information useful, please let me know. Everyone of these letters has taken considerable amount of time to put together.  Please treat yourself to something special from one of the ads on the page.  We will both get something out of it.  (All money gathered pays for hosting fees and domain fees.  HONESTLY, when I see money come in it also prompts me to work harder on the site.)

- # RW's #1 of 16 supply NCOs! Leader with endless energy and enthusiasm; supports 18 $40M U-2/U-2ST a/c
- Savvy; achieved 12 "zero defects" evals for Mar '05 Logistics Standardization/Evaluation Team (LSET) visit
-- Dazzling SME; shop received ACC LSET Honorable Mention & Honor Roll award ... excellence confirmed!
- Led deployed 10-person supply team supporting U-2/KC-135 combat sorties for Operation IRAQI FREEDOM
-- Crafted a stunning 110% U-2 mission support kit and 95% KC-135 readiness spares package supply fill rate
- Dynamic ###th AEW & ## RW NCO; guided 60K+ parts inventory valued at $63M w/amazing 100 % accuracy
- Multi-faceted; instrumental to ###th ELRS receiving an "excellent" review during a LSET staff assistance visit
- ###th AEW workhorse; ran 1,800 issues on 40 accounts--warfighters flew 989 sorties & racked 6K+ flying hrs
- Key player for Sep U-2 sortie surge; 75 sorties/91% "Code-1"/94% MC rate--100% on-time part delivery rate
-- Key supply logistician for second surge--79 sorties, four over goal ... exceeded ACC MC rate goal by 13.7%
- The best! Flawlessly managed overburdened/undermanned element--superb 97% mission effectiveness rating
- Conquers challenges; created 66 line item mission support kit during ## RWs 2nd Qtr ORE--rated "outstanding"
- Sterling triumph! Streamlined Quality Deficiency Reporting--speedy 2-day turn ... smashed ACC's 7-day goal
- Received/processed 300 parts requests from 20 accounts monthly; ensured completion of 500+ aircraft sorties
- Expertly managed shelf-life prgm; inspected/updated 400+ assets ... zero expired items--non-stop MX support
- Go-to-guy; moved & shipped six $40M ISR sensor pods to AOR--latest technology at CENTCOM's fingertips
- Researched/cleared 50+ delinquent rejects monthly; reduced rejects by 50 %--overall reject rate less than 1 %
- Directed inventory of benchstock containing 390+ items valued at $75K--consumables on hand ready for issue
- Keen insight; issued/pulled 160 time change parts--ensured timely periodic phase of 14 $45M U-2S/U-2ST a/c
- Force Multiplier! Conducted 5/7-level core task trng for 75% of wing supply troops--100% upgraded on-time
- Packed/shipped supplies for future en route support teams valued at $44K ... parts in place for transitioning a/c
- Key for three OREs; flawlessly inventoried $3M/1.8K line item msn readiness packages--audited w/no errors
- Developed standardized qualification training plan for major work center--vital guidance for upgrade training
- Instrumental in build-up of $16K/1,132 line item deployable benchstock--assets assured GWOT sortie support
- Aided Support Division in creation of 154 line item/$6.5M msn support kit--ready for contingency deployment
- Processed/tracked 60+ requisitions worth $1.2M--ensured 100% accurate status and timely delivery of assets
- Spearhead rewarehousing project of bldg ###--increased floor/storage space an additional 700 square feet
- Managed/monitored 100+ TNB, FOM & -21 equip; provided secure storage for $2M in assets--zero lost items
- Skillfully developed/implemented parts Quick Reference List--streamlined requests/decreased issue time 45%
- Identified subtle yet critical error with ordering Inertial Navigation Unit; immediate action saved depot $517K
- Model junior NCO! Packed & shipped $7.8K Q-Bay ballast to FOL; U-2 down 7 vs 30 days--saved AF $2M
- Stellar; reviewed/updated 88 DIFMs per month--speedy two day turnaround blasted ACC's goal of seven days
- Sleuth; researched & cleared 56 delinquent rejects monthly--decreased errors 48% overall ... reject rate < 1%
- Multi-talented; verified/monitored ## RWs 10-15 U-2s MICAPs/week ... avg'd phenomenal 2-day delivery time
- Energetic supervisor; led inventory/rewarehoused 26 U-2 fixed flaps--averted critical loss of $478.8K in parts
- Aggressive customer service style overcame power take-off shaft insp--ops flew contracted 216 msns/377 hrs
- Hard charger; worked MICAP status with WR-ALC/ACC RSS--boosted U-2 FMC yearly rate 10.5% ... 81.9%
- Meticulous; validated $75K/399 BS items--staggering 94% Surge Operations Effectiveness Rating 4 Qtr CY05
- Relentless; located parts/trimmed $27K for battery mock-up trainer--assured 33 troops crucial deployment trng
- Tenacious bloodhound; located $65K in missing eqpmnt--developed new tracking guide ... no lost items to date
- Leader behind supply section intense focus on QA evaluations; over 120 inspections with 98% CY05 pass rate
- Expert parts mgr; sliced '05 cannibalization rate to 1.7%--halved '04 3.4% rate ... crushed ACC's 3% standard
- Sustained five consecutive JTF KATRINA and RITA sorties--POTUS/FEMA lauded images/life-saving effort
- Supported Dual Data Link-2 system upgrade/ops test/eval flights--enhanced the U-2 ISR capability for SecDef
- Innate leadership; pivotal to ## RW '05 USSTRATCOM Omaha Trophy for best strategic aircraft wing in DoD

General Notes:

 Very good package.  Definitely can understand the impact of the individual.  I like the way the author stuck with only symbols instead of bouncing around.  (i.e. $ / dollars or % / percent) There were a couple of minor mistakes within the award. The author stayed with one way of addressing military units, ###th, except for the wing then it was, ##.  There were a couple of numbering problems, mainly those dealing with time.  Remember numbers associated with time use numeric form.  (e.g. 9 days, 7 hours, 2 months) 

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