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Award Examples

Enlisted Recognition Program
Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) of the Quarter, 4th)

Award Cat: NCO
Winner: ???

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The following Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) of the Quarter example has been taken out of IMT viewer so the formatting might be slightly off.  I did not change mission information, only names to protect myself and the people I have received the information from.  If you have anything you would like to submit, please do so.  If you have found this information useful, please let me know. Everyone of these award examples has taken considerable amount of time to put together.  Please treat yourself to something special from by using one of ads on the page.  We will both get something out of it.  (All money gathered pays for hosting fees and domain fees.  HONESTLY, when I see money come in it also prompts me to work harder on the site.)

LEADERSHIP/JOB PERFORMANCE IN PRIMARY DUTY: Outstanding results always speak for themselves
- Deployed for JTF Katrina to New Orleans airport--built 3 tent cities--bedded down 700 AF & 2K army troops
  -- Constructed and sustained two 3MW power plants--provided electricity within 72 hrs for C2 recovery ops
- Led power plant restoration after lighting struck MEP-12 causing electrical surge--plant on-line in just 30 mins
- Prepped site for new airport Fire C2 center--$3M equipment staging area--bolstered emergency response 75%
- Removed storm-ravished debris, repaired roofs/utilities--mitigated humanitarian relief flight airport opening
- Teamed with 82nd Airborne troops--cleared 100K+ cu yds of debris--provided relief for metro area residents
- Exceptional mentoring skills--removed and replaced malfunctioned coolant pump on 200 kilowatt generator
  -- Trained four Airmen on proper equipment part installation techniques through correct use of technical orders
- Operated generator 120 hrs for pass/registration temp trailer relocated during railroad crossing repair project
  -- Planned/installed 200 gal diesel fuel tank--extend generator run time from 3 hrs to 72 hrs between refueling
- Led 10 military/1 civilian employee--completed 450 maintenance actions/124 direct scheduled work orders
- Directed repair on MEP-5 high temp coolant sensor--unit supports ##BS C&C and classified telephone system
- Troubleshot and replaced faulty dining hall generator charging alternator--backup for 15,000 monthly meals
- Repaired MEP-7 relay card/burnt wires--ensured back-up for ## MXS C2 and Maintenance Operation Center
- Finished annual validations at 25 generator sites--certified back-up power reliability for critical C2 facilities
- Led FEMA prime power install--18M lbs ice/35M gal water distributed--<BASE> recognized #1 relief hub

SIGNIFICANT SELF IMPROVEMENT: Relentless pursuit of professional and personal self improvement
- Self motivated--completed three credit Algebra CLEP test towards Mechanical and Electrical CCAF degree
- Devoted to recognition programs--two squadron/two Ops flight AOM board member--produced group winner
- Finished 8 hrs AF IT E-learning independent study classes--broadened leadership/managerial fundamentals
- Completed Train the Trainer course--updated work center training plan reduced 5/7-level upgrade by 3 months
- Viewed over 12 hours of instructional videos on AFSC specific equipment--greatly expanded readiness status
- Studied extensive on-line articles from Power Quality magazines and electrical power production web sites
  -- Remains current with rapidly developing technology of electrical generation/power distribution equipment

BASE OR COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: Unsurpassed volunteer--committed to base and community help
- Managed ##AF adopt-a-plane program for Team-56--restored B-58 rocket sled--wash/clean plane 20 hrs qtrly
- Unselfishly volunteered as flag detail member for ##MSG retreat ceremony--proudly honored flag with tradition
- Unparallel contributor--organized fishing tournament to help defray cost of squadron Christmas party for lower
  ranking personnel/families--raised over $575 dollars from commissary bagging for 05 Operation WarmHeart
- Helped setup Halloween party at Chapel 2 annex for 200 kids--gave safe alterative to community candy hunt
- Donated 20 bags of clothes and toys to Airman’s attic--solicited items will help lower ranking families in need


STELLAR Example of a Non-Commissioned Officer quarterly package.  The only thing that I questioned is the reuse of:

- Studied extensive on-line articles from Power Quality magazines and electrical power production web sites
  -- Remains current with rapidly developing technology of electrical generation/power distribution equipment

In both this award and the prior quarter's award, but that is the luxury at looking at awards in the past tense you can pick up on these.  Since it was used twice (and most like repeatedly) it would be a much better bullet if it was only one line, thus removes the idea that it is being used as filler.

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