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Award Examples

Enlisted Recognition Program (Airman of the Year)

Award Cat: Amn
Winner: No

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The following example has been taken out of a Formflow document.  I have changed mission information to protect myself and the people I have received the information from.  I will attempt to give a little insight to the entire process if I know it.

If you have anything you would like to submit, please do so.  Also, if you have found this information useful, please let me know. Everyone of these items has taken considerable amount of time to put together.  Please use the ads on this site to help support the site.  All money gathered pays for hosting fees and domain fees.  (HONESTLY, when I see money come in it also prompts me to work harder on the site.)

- Sustained $1B Distributed Ground Station-? (DGS-?) weapon system...the AF's premier multi-source
  intelligence system using two reachback communication networks to link with U-2/overhead satellite/ 
  Predator and Global Hawk unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) platforms with the ground station at {BASE}
- Floored by how sharp this airman is! #1 of 118 airmen in my unit despite being among the most junior
- Shouldered a load beyond pay grade given the heavy AEF burden his work center supports; excelled 
  despite his and his supervisor's offsetting TDY commitments to Operation ENDURING FREEDOM
  -- Rapidly replaced a faulty ECU condenser motor cause msn equipment to overheat; environmental
      system restored to full ops without impeding intelligence collection, analysis and reporting process
  -- Highlighted exceptional maintenance skills; completed over 150 maintenance inspections on ECUs 
  -- Prolonged equipment life/ discrepancies on Maintenance Support inspections!
- Site support couldn't be better during Operation ANACONDA; power and cooling perfect...mission
  equipment functioned flawlessly during the 24/7 surge operations...sustained 3 U-2 sorties everyday
  and one Global Hawk long-loiter mission every other day...persistent presence achieve lethal effects 
  -- Flawlessly maintained of 31 Environmental Control Units (ECU) and associated power generation 
      equipment; sustained unparalleled 100% zonal maintenance mission readiness rate for the past year
  -- Displayed exemplary operations and maintenance ability...troubleshot/repaired a faulty thermostatic
      expansion valve on a ECU; ensured shelter didn't reach critical shut down temperature; no msn loss

The member probably wasn't aware of the significant impact of his actions during the operations.  The old adage, "it takes everyone to accomplish the mission", is proven true.  Check out "Not a Good Day to Die", based on the Operation ANACONDA.

- Our Best! Selected by Commander for a short-notice TDY vital to redeploy the forward operating
  $25M Mobile Stretch (MOBSTR) line-of-sight segment; helped refocus unit's intelligence efforts to
  observe and monitor Iraqi compliance with UN resolutions concerning weapons of mass destruction
  -- Expertly sustained Eastern Mediterranean intel collection effort until diverted to higher priority msn
  -- Relocated 35 personnel and 86 tons of MOBSTR gear to new location; war option readily available
  -- Solved myriad of complex issues; mobilized 150Kw generators, 6 ECU's and 1200+ feet of cable 
  -- Only 1 of a handful of DGS-? personnel to ever move MOBSTR site: second time in 6 year history
- Truly exceptional apprentice! I've never seen greater self-leadership in such a young airman; he does
  everything asked of him and much, much more...perfect skills qualification evaluation...completed his
  Career Development Course in just 9 months (avg time is 24 months); he'll be a 5-level in record time
  -- Completed core 5 level training tasks...finishing up his Qualification Training Packages while TDY
- Demonstrated exceptional mechanical aptitude...too much training is not enough for him...received
  cross utilization training in the power production AFSC; learned theory of operations, system power
  restoration, minor maintenance and how to perform scheduled inspections; does the job of two airmen
  -- Versatile technician; able to comprehend complex power distribution/operation system exceeds all
      standards; mastered power outage recovery procedures; 100% fully qualified in less than six weeks
- Excellent troubleshooter! Isolated and replaced oil pressure safety switch returning unit to ready status
  -- Eliminated an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) hazard; saved AF over $25K per day in fines
- Disciplined hard worker; led site preparations to receive the COMACC; pressure washed the whole 
   maintenance support facility--a dirty job--unit shined; General Hornberg impressed with unit facilities
  -- 1 of 6 airmen praised by the commander for their dedication/hard work and made the visit a success
  -- Identified again for unmatched support during the {NAF} Commander's visit; always gives his best
- Well versed on environmental issues...goes with his job; properly replaced a defective high pressure
  valve on an ECU; recovered refrigerant, prevented escape of ozone depleting chemicals to atmosphere
  -- Promptly corrected two shop write-up during a yearly Bio-Environmental inspection; ensured zonal
      work center material were stored/controlled according to EPA standards; kept unit from being fined
- Recognized by leadership as someone who gets results quickly with minimal supervision or guidance 
  -- Acquired a new CFEPT...revamped training records in preparation for the {GROUP}
      (IG) annual Staff Assistance Visit (SAV); training pgm thoroughly inspected...received zero findings

(PAGE 2)

- Possesses an unflappable spirit...whenever we're called to implement higher Force Protection security
  measures, he's on it! Tasked to provide site security on a dozen occasions...never once complained
- Reliably retains information; shows unlimited potential as a future trainer/supervisor--taught three new
  airman the weekly site generator run-up task and how to perform DGS-? emergency power restoration
- Worked outside his Air Force speciality...assisted Power Production personnel complete 10 minor and
  5 major preventive maintenance inspections; proactive efforts ensured no maintenance was deferred
  -- Key in replacing six Power Distribution Units and 37 electrical connections; power restored in 1 hr
- Instrumental to integrating DGS-? mods; aided power supply modification & installation of advanced
  Communication Operations Segment (COS) vans; increased COS readiness to support contingency ops
  -- Reconfigured 300' of 200 amp power cables; increasing safety and eliminating electrical deficiency 
  -- Performed a myriad of preparation work; $1M project completion on time with no loss of mission
- Great attention to detail; noticed an ECU was running intermittently during site check; immediately 
  swapped unit; troubleshot and discovered a faulty solenoid valve; prevented major compressor failure
- Performed as seasoned technician! Identified and repaired intermittent compressor fault eluding more
  experienced Amn/NCOs; restored ECU to full ops...averted loss of $1M U-2 mission/perishable intel
- Zonal work center Corrosion Control and Vehicle Control monitor; duties normally assigned a NCO
  -- Critical programs; all ground station support equipment exposed to the elements--controls usage of
      pickup truck, forklift and bobtail vehicles--{GROUP} SAV team impressed by perfect state of programs
- Details, details, details...he's seen more than his share; collected/tagged equipment and salvageable
  items for turn in to Defense Reutilization and Marketing Organization; mobility warehouse sparkles
- Never seen such a self-starter like {Proper NAME}...super apprentice! Mature beyond his year and his stripes
  -- His presence acted as a tonic to a trouble ridden work center that saw three airmen discharged from
      the Air Force year prior...his mettle and character helped turn around a shop plagued with trouble
- LS Flight Commander's #1 of 38 airmen; Amn of the Quarter, 3rd Qtr 02; #1 out of 118 airmen.
- Nominated as Technician of the month Sept 02; technically head over heels above 6 other co-workers 

NoteGood Quantification. in the last two lines.

-, most motivated airman out of 11 zonal airmen; strives for excellence in everything 
- Blazed through 3 sets (11 volumes) of Career Development Course (CDC) in only 9 months; no one
  believed such a feat was possible until he did it...most 3 levels require two years to complete CDCs 
  -- Topped it all off with a remarkable 90% EOC score; there's no stopping him! Praised by {WING}/CC
  -- Motivated others to excel by being a positive example; CDC completion time has greatly decreased
     --- Next in his sights after 5 level award is Airman Leadership School and completion of his CCAF
- Attended the {BASE} Top-3's Airman Professional Development course; increased understanding of Air
  Force operations/expectations...took off like a shot; out hustled/out worked his peers; won SrA BTZ
  -- Lives Air Force core values; inspires others to do likewise; admired by his superiors and peers alike
- Completed intensive shelter mobilization training prior to deploying to MOBSTR; exceeds his peers in
  readiness training and practical application of mobility know-how; exhibits a trait to lead by example 
- Quick learner! Polished zonal programs prior to {GROUP} SAV; advanced to become the shop vehicle
  monitor...revamped program...self inspection team deemed programs were in full compliance w/AFIs
- Fitness buff...always in gym pumping iron...avid supporter of squadron commander's fitness program  

- Contributed 50 hours to the USDA food distribution--striving to help less fortunate Air Force families
- Bolstered squadron morale…washed vehicles raising over $300 for Booster Club sponsored activities
- Worked concession stand for a local amphitheater..helped raise over $4K for DGS-? Booster Club by
  serving customers during three used for DGS-? parties, retirements and farewells
- Gave 16 hours to the Adopt-a-Highway program; cleaned up unit's section of {STATE} Highway 65
- Volunteered over 50+ hours as a volunteer in food drive program provided by the U.S. Department 
  of Agriculture; picked up, packaged, delivered and set up food bags for distribution to needy families
- Deeply caring individual; volunteered off-duty time to work over 50 hours and build two houses for 
  Habitat for Humanity; answered dream of home ownership for two low-income families is { City }
- No stranger to a grill! Spearheaded cooking chores for DGS-?'s annual summer picnic, the Logistics
  Sustainment Flight commander's call, a unit hail and farewell and a change-of-command ceremony 
  -- Served up delicious food; improved unit cohesiveness and morale...good times shared by all airmen
- Proud member of 'Team {BASE}' hit the bricks to make squadron facilities shine after short notice that
  {BASE} was one of two finalists for ACC's Installation Excellence Award; did his part! Result pending


  Overall a pretty good package.  Two spelling mistakes, in yellow, and a numbering problem in green.

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