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Award Examples

Enlisted Recognition Program (Airman of the Year)

Award Cat: Amn
Winner: Squ

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The following example has been taken out of a Formflow document.  I have changed mission information to protect myself and the people I have received the information from.  I will attempt to give a little insight to the entire process if I know it.

If you have anything you would like to submit, please do so.  Also, if you have found this information useful, please let me know. Everyone of these items has taken considerable amount of time to put together.  Please use the ads on this site to help support the site.  All money gathered pays for hosting fees and domain fees.  (HONESTLY, when I see money come in it also prompts me to work harder on the site.)

- Top Notch in the squadron; best of 142! Airman of the Quarter Jan-Mar 2002-- Impacted Operation
  ENDURING FREEDOM (OEF) daily; maintained nearly 99% satellite mission system availability 
  -- Corrected 85 satellite interface problems; ensured collection of 29,535 satellite images vital to AOR
  -- Rush ordered 151 images; enabled U-2 intelligence analyst to locate Al-Qaeda and Taliban forces 
  -- Deleted 60 gigabytes of files back-logging priority information transfer; decreased delay by 9 hrs 
- Administered three Deployable Transit-cased System (DTS)--cutting-edge imagery exploitation system
  for U-2/Predator/Global Hawk/satellite platforms ... lifeblood of Air Force's "reachback" technology 
  -- Consisted of 24 exploitation workstations/4 mission servers/6-500 gigabyte (Gb) imagery libraries 
- Demonstrated unparalleled satellite receive segment (RS) expertise; exponentially expanded capability
  -- Loaded 214 image library tapes; increased accessible reference information by 926% to 78K images
  -- Fixed library database; recognized 32 tapes erroneously marked full; added 1,120 gigabytes storage 
- Provided continuous satellite imagery support to U-2 mission crews during Operation ANACONDA
  -- Forced transfer of four high-priority images; needed for surveillance of downed military helicopter
  -- Increased imagery storage by 160 gigabytes; 25% more intelligence capacity during heightened ops

The member probably wasn't aware of the significant impact of his actions during the operations.  The old adage, "it takes everyone to accomplish the mission", is proven true.  Check out "Not a Good Day to Die", based on the Operation ANACONDA.

- Unmatched efficiency; {Rank P. NAME} singularly reduced exploitation time by 63 seconds; added 14% 
more time for analysts to meet CSAF 8 minute timeline of intelligence imaging to bombs on target 
-- Distributed list of commonly accessed websites to nine imagery analysts; saved 10 seconds/image 
-- Enhanced network connection to image library; sped up image cataloging from 30 to 14 sec/image 
-- Modified image software to display commonly accessed directories; saved analyst 29 sec/file 
-- Fixed bug preventing users from accessing images without admin intervention; saved 8 sec/instance
- Led six-member team in thorough pre-inspection of DTS communication network configuration; 
  prepped for stringent Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Phase IV security inspection to date 
  -- Created database identifying 72 network identities on 34 systems; required for system layout update
  -- Corrected labeling on 56 network cables for 3 different networks; averted negative system write-ups
- Hand-picked for {NAME} AFB TDY; helped sister unit prepare for Phase IV DIA security inspection 
  -- Identified 38 pieces of equipment missing appropriate labels or compartment codes; corrected 37 
      cables not following classification color code and labeling; eliminated 8 serious security write-ups 
- Researched problem affecting DTS laser printer at {BASE}; isolated problem to two faulty cables 
  -- Worked with other TDY personnel; installed new cables, returned text printer to operational status
- Key person in modification of 1,800 sq/ft facility; unit's first four-platform common operations floor 
  -- Led team; installed 125 shielded twisted pair (STP) cables; totaled 1.5 miles of cable in 38 hr period
  -- Acute attention to detail; labeled 125 cables and installed 156 STP connectors; less than 5% error 
  -- Moved 39 mission and 12 support systems; mission capable in 32 hours, 16 hours ahead of schedule
  -- Removed 56 unneeded equipment/workstations into maintenance shelter; 100 sq/ft more work space
- Technically persuasive and sharp! Represented {SQU} system administrators during COMACC visit 
- Single handedly developed DTS backup strategy; produced a 23-step procedure utilizing 12 tape 
  drives; increased backup capability to 5.76 Gigabit/min from 3.6 Gigabit/hour; 960% speed increase 
- Motivated airman; worked with contractors to accept $100K of equipment; 35 transit-cases and 3 
  pallets of spare equipment needed for Global Hawk Unmanned Aerial Vehicle exploitation system 
  -- Worked with other flights within unit; setup secure storage facility once all items were accounted 
- Located problem hard drive on 10 disk, 500 gigabyte, storage device; assisted contractors to find
  spare; quick intervention minimized drive failure impact on critical database housing 13,000 targets 
- Troubleshot robotic archive library problem; manually controlled unit and verified both drives good 
  -- Stopped/started archive software/hardware; no adverse mission impact; saved $15.6K in parts 
- Fixed three workstation's network address databases; enabled use of satellite dissemination client 
  -- Fastest way to receive imagery; decreased transfer times by 12 minutes per item; saved 2 hrs/shift 

(page 2)

- Authored DTS System Administrator book; single reference used to train personnel on five systems
  -- Wrote 72 operating procedures and 5 troubleshooting guides; manual used to train 23 technicians 
  -- {GROUP} SAV identified DTS Administrator Book as DGS-? "Benchmark"; standard to be used by all 
- Resolved imagery analyst problems accessing electronic target folders; identified a network violation 
  between the imagery server and exploitation workstations; enabled access to 8 Gb of research data 
- Technically savvy; briefed Mission Operations Commander on critical status of satellite receive 
  segment; ensured mission planners were aware of degraded mission capabilities preventing loss of life
- Salvaged 200 Gb of storage space on GH mission server, freed 35% of the 564 Gb storage drive 
- Quickly recognized training deficiency with DTS Information Security System Officers (ISSO) 
  -- Created procedure on how to manually verify audit data was properly stored; 100% audit coverage 
  -- Taught theory and configuration of network auto-disconnect feature; improved security awareness 
  -- Provide training in proper procedure for completing security audits on four servers; explained all 
      necessary procedures and functions to further enhance understanding of worldwide DTS networks 
- Augmented system security accreditation for the Sensor Control Workstation and Mission Data 
  Monitor; unit received authority to operate and ensured DTS ability to directly exploit U-2 imagery 
- Identified/corrected system account without password; ensured ZERO DTS security incidents to date 
- Reviewed/updated 197 work unit codes; enabled proper equipment identification during maintenance 
- Replaced faulty hard drive in Random Array of Independent Disks; assured 100% system availability
- Skillfully reconfigured imagery database; changes allowed software to recognize 68 Gb more storage 
- Collected serial/part numbers from 12 monitors after recent upgrade; eased transfer to air guard unit 
- Quickly identified problem causing a workstation's hard drive to intermittently stop and start; fast 
  response prevented catastrophic drive failure; saved $5K in replacement cost and 4 hours rebuilding 
- Expedited relocation of satellite image server; increased usable workstations by 25%; from 18 to 25 
  -- Enhanced workstation communication bandwidth from 179 kbit/sec to 356 kbit/sec; 199% increase! 
- Led packing of 12 satellite workstations and 4 peripherals for relocation; ensured smooth transition 
  -- Completed necessary system deployment tasks; ensured network was deployable in under 3 hours 
- Completed and verified 564 system backups; insured 100% data integrity in case of emergency 
- Took lead in learning procedures to install 12 new workstations into transit-cases; trained 6 others 
- Fixed Imagery Exploitation Support System message link between forward deployed unit and ground 
  station; ensured successful GH mission--received letter of recognition for outstanding technical ability

- Dependable and proven! DTS system administrator night crew chief--position normal held by NCO 
- Completed all journeyman tasks 3 months of ahead of schedule; a testament to his superior work ethic
- Diligently striving to complete CCAF Associates Degree; set the example for peers/subordinates alike
  -- CLEPed 8 credit hrs; College Mathematics, English Composition; furthering logic and math skills 
  -- Completed 10 college credit hrs; Calculus, US History and Speech; 3.5 GPA; 20 hrs from CCAF 
- Spent 180 hours studying UNIX programming; backup program he created saves 4 man-hours daily 
- Sought better understanding on how analysts' do their job; trained in basic imagery exploitation tasks
  -- Increased knowledge of intelligence software interoperability and characteristics decreased amount
      of time spent analyzing problems; troubleshot exploitation software problems in 5 min -vs- 8 min 
  -- Added knowledge led to better working relations with customers; developed 20 system procedures 
      used to train analysts on simple system tasks; cut 14 minutes off satellite imagery response time 
- Completed 40 hour class; Securing Sun Solaris Environments; enhanced security roles for workcenter
- Attended Dissemination Element Deployable training; increased RS software/hardware knowledge 
- Active leader in {BASE}'s Better Opportunities for Single Airman group; furthered leadership ability 

- Volunteered 26 off-duty hrs tutoring 2 dependents in college level Pre-Calculus; shares his knowledge
- Setup two audio/video carts for local church; directly influenced 400 parishioners' enlightenment 
- Absolute first-rate orator; gave 3-30 minute briefing to 70+ high school electronic-computer students
  -- Discussed life in the AF on a peer-to-peer level; identified and clarified numerous misconceptions 
  -- Speech inspired two seniors to contract with the local recruiter; more considering AF career options
- Active in DGS-? Booster Club; raised $1,700 working concert concessions; entertained 100s at picnic
- Continuously strives to help find cures; walked 5K for research for a cure for Wagner's syndrome, 
  degrading eye disease; walked 6 miles, raised $3.2K during American Cancer Society Relay for Life 
- Spent 3 hours raising $10K for Big Brother/Big Sister--great role model for children in local area


  Overall a really good package.  The only thing I found was that the acronym DGS-? was never spelled out. I like the fact that it shows NCO accomplishment as an airman.  Bound to get good points for that.

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