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Award Examples

Enlisted Recognition Program (Airman of the Year)

Award Cat: Amn
Winner: Group

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The following example has been taken out of an AF1206 IMT document.  I have changed mission information to protect myself and the people I have received the information from.  I will attempt to give a little insight to the entire process if I know it.

If you have anything you would like to submit, please do so.  Also, if you have found this information useful, please let me know. Everyone of these items has taken considerable amount of time to put together.  Please use the ads on this site to help support the site.  All money gathered pays for hosting fees and domain fees.  (HONESTLY, when I see money come in it also prompts me to work harder on the site.)

LEADERSHIP AND JOB PERFORMANCE Highly skilled & knowledgeable...leads & motivates by example
- Exceptional Airman! Operations flight (DOO) Operator of Month for Feb and Airman of 2nd Quarter nominee 
- Versatile performer...holds two critical certs...diversity ensured mission success during manning shortages
-- Hand-selected as DGS-?'s first reporter to train as DLO...this hard-charger in position as future segment lead
- Key operator for 39 U-2 reconnaissance missions supporting Operations ENDURING and IRAQI FREEDOM
-- Achieved phenomenal 99% avg on quality checks of 67 technically-formatted, highly perishable intel reports 
-- Reports provided critical force protection and situational awareness to theater commanders and warfighters 
- Top Technical Reporter (TR)...released/quality-checked more than 40% of DGS-?'s advisory tactical reports 
-- Protected US platforms operating in potentially hostile territories...expertly reported on advesaries' activity
- Superb technical expertise; handpicked to fill gap as supplemental TR evaluator...normally seasoned NCO duty
- Authored SIGINT Threat Warning study guides for crew...enhanced crew proficiency and improved test scores
- Administered practice Critic test…prepared crew for quarterly evaluation…resulted in 100% crew pass rate
- Hand-selected by DO to provide familiarization briefing on U-2 SIGINT reporting mission to Predator crew
-- Enhanced crew's overall mission awareness & improved communication between Predator & U-2 operators
- Authored indoctrination briefing for in-processing DOO personnel; set flight benchmark for new unit personnel
-- Briefed over 30 personnel on flight procedures and DGS-? mission objectives...ensured all objectives met
- Authored two trng scenarios for {WING #} DCGS standardization program initiative...ensured max trng efficiency
- Skillfully trained five TR and DLO operators...all qualified w/highest ratings; increased crew manning by 40%
- Superb performance and proven trng ability led to selection as DLO Trng Manager/Instructor Rated Operator
-- Developed standardized task lists, master training plans, and theater-specific JQSs for DLOs DCGS-wide
-- Saved 50+ manhours supporting DGS-?'s operations...guaranteed unimpeded U-2 reconnaissance missions
- Lead instructor for Hook-112...system used to initiate quick rescue/recovery response in emergency situations
-- Provided 10 Special Signals Operators Hook-112 trng...ensured thorough understanding of essential system
- Selected to represent DGS-2 at DCGS trng standardization conference…enhanced completion offinal product
- Identified outdated EEI rqmts to CENTAF collections...enhanced cryptologic mission effectiveness AF-wide
- Diligently re-organized 2,800 computer files into 500 target folders; decreased operator recovery time by 70%
- Displayed undisputed initiative...crew NCOIC's first-choice over 15 personnel to serve as crew trng monitor 
-- Streamlined trng/certification documentation/coordination processes...ensured timelines met for eight trainee
- Authored indoctrination briefing for in-processing DOO personnel; set flight benchmark for new unit personnel
-- Briefed over 30 personnel on flight procedures and DGS-? mission objectives...ensured all objectives met

SIGNIFICANT SELF-IMPROVEMENT: Achieved AF/personal goals...challenges peers to follow his example
- Focused on crew advancement...blazed thru DLO trng...qualified in 25% time allotted w/98% written eval avg
- Committed to higher education...completed 12 semester hours towards BS in Engineering...maintained 4.0 GPA
- Hard-charger...actively pursuing commission as pilot...participated in ground school training 5 hours per week
- Thirst for knowledge...dedicated over 180 off-duty hours researching aircraft capabilities...enhanced expertise
- Completed Hook-112 CBT...benefited unit operators by enhancing his own knowledge in support of future trng
- Military history "Tunnels of Ku-chi" & "Inside the Cold War;" achieved better understanding of war

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: Positive AF representative to local community...provided essential support 
- Elected as {SQU} Booster Club Secretary...participated in unit fundraisers...over $3K raised for morale events
- Selflessly volunteered over 75 hours as {NAME} College math tutor; impressive expertise benefited other students
- Generously volunteered 30+ hours to Veterans’ Home...assisted disabled vets with daily tasks...boosted spirits
- Avid American Red Cross supporter...donated five units of blood...benefited local hospitals during shortages
- Facilitated unit participation as aggressors during SERE trng for {BASE}'s pilots...fostered {WING}/{SQU} relations
-- Reinforced known procedures to combat/reconnaissance pilots prior to their deployment to high-threat areas
-- Participants received survival trng and unique opportunity to participate in pilot survival/evade trng process

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