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Award Examples

Enlisted Recognition Program (Airman of the Year)

Award Cat: AMN
Winner: ???

Key Points to Writing
  • If you haven't already, take a writing class
  • WRITE!!! The more you do it, the better you get.
  • Don't be afraid to ask for HELP.
  • The only person looking out for either you or your subordinate is YOU!
  • Use a spell checker (F7 in Office) 
  • Remember, writing doesn't have to win to REWARD!
  • Use various writing resources like Merriam-Webster Online.

The following Airman of the Year example has been taken out of IMT viewer so the formatting might be slightly off.  I did not changed mission information, only names to protect myself and the people I have received the information from.  If you have anything you would like to submit, please do so.  If you have found this information useful, please let me know. Everyone of these award examples has taken considerable amount of time to put together.  Please treat yourself to something special from by using one of ads on the page.  We will both get something out of it.  (All money gathered pays for hosting fees and domain fees.  HONESTLY, when I see money come in it also prompts me to work harder on the site.)

LEADERSHIP AND JOB PERFORMANCE IN PRIMARY DUTY-His "total focus [is] on mission excellence!"
- Selected as power production shop Airman of the Quarter for 3d and 4th Quarter 04--AOM for November 04
- Led critical end for end periodic maintenance on Aircraft Barrier Arresting Kit-12 (BAK-12) purchase tape
  -- Prevented interruptions to wing flying mission, guaranteeing continuous support and reliability of equipment
- Superb team leader BAK-12 aircraft barrier crew during Exercises AIR WARRIOR and AIR ADVERSARY
  -- Annual exercises enabled close air support/air control training to over 50K DoD and multinational personnel
- Completed 3-month ACC Notice-to-Airman 0404 implementation--adhered to strict safety instruction mandate
  -- Installed safety signs, painted generator fan guards, and updated manufacturer manuals for 45 generator sites
- Helped troubleshoot and repair generator at Davis Avenue sewer lift--installed temporary backup generator
  -- Replaced defective primary coolant hose and malfunctioning starter--saved $320 in cost using rebuilt starter
- Key contributor during 2004 Nuclear Surety Inspection--selected as Superior Performer by inspection team
- Performed emergency tape crop on Barrier Arresting Kit-12 (BAK-12) tape--system operational in 90 minutes
- Replaced $217K barrier system--ensured continued support for Exercises AIR WARRIOR/AIR ADVERSARY
- Ran 10 day prime generator power to main gate guard shack/security lights--ensured sustained force protection
- Trained 70 firefighters on barrier arresting system--certified on retraction, pendant cable and support system
- Exceptional mechanical skills--replaced engine radiator and coolant hoses on MEP-007B emergency generator
- Accomplished 15 generator annual validations--ensures confirmation/identification of actual load requirement

SIGNIFICANT SELF IMPROVEMENT-Embodies Colonel Moeller's vector of personal/professional growth
- Finished 23 credits hours towards CCAF in Mechanical/Electrical Technology and bachelor science in physics
  -- Has completed 45 total college credit hours--goal to apply to the Airman Education Commissioning Program
- Handpicked to attend 40-hour career field deployment equipment training course at Dobbins Air Force Base
  -- Valuable AEF combat readiness training provided experience for future air expeditionary force deployment
- Demonstrate superior technical proficiency above peers--completed 5-skill level 12 months ahead of schedule
- Attended Mobile Aircraft Arresting Systems operations course--knowledge enhanced deployment readiness
- Selected as Power Production’s Airman of the Month and Quarter--My # 1 of 14 Airman assigned to the shop
- Increased awareness--finished 6-hr Federal Emergency Management Agency's online terrorism training course
- Completed 3-hr motivational speaker seminar by Mr. Dave Roever--inspired to perform no matter the odds
- Received coin from ACC deputy Civil Engineer Col. Howe--showed standout professionalism for shop brief
- Received distinguished graduate honors from the Power Production Technical School--class averaged 92%
- Exemplifies vector "One Team One Fight"--mastered Civil Engineer Bare Base construction training course
- Attended 10 hr Wing Airman Professional Development Course--increased personal and military knowledge
- Viewed over 10 hours of Prime BEEF instructional videos--training elevated individual wartime readiness
- Self-taught Japanese using book, instructional video/audio tapes--enhanced diversity of international culture

BASE AND COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT-Epitomizes "take care of each other to build an unbeatable team"
- Unparalleled contributor--volunteered for haunted house, burrito/pizza sales for squadron booster club support
  -- Helped raise $3500 dollars to help defray cost of Christmas party for lower ranking personnel and families
- Outstanding community support--volunteered 20 hrs to cook and serve dinners at Shreveport Rescue Mission
- Stanch supporter of Yogi and Friends Big Cat Sanctuary--repaired habitat/fed 18 rehabilitated exotic large cats
- Devoted 20 hours off duty time to American Red Cross--increased volunteer/program awareness in community
- Magnanimously volunteered to assist in Special Olympics--greatly strengthened base/community relationship
- Selflessly sponsored a child for Santa's in Blue--contributed to base wide effort to help underprivileged youth
- Volunteered over 12 hours to assist Airman Against Drunk Driving--aided in prevention of 25 DUI violations
- Featured in Base Paper--represented Power Production--augmented awareness/appreciation for civil engineers
- Actively assisted Team-56--helped with two veteran's bingo nights--raised 300 dollars for wing organization
- Total community involvement--volunteered off-duty time to assist competitors during Special Olympics games


WOW!  This is a VERY STRONG Airman of the Year package!  Excellent example for any one to follow.  The only thing I touched on (and easily ignored) was a small structure error.  Through out the award money was represented by $XXX, and this one instance it was XXX dollars.

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