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Award Examples

Enlisted Recognition Program (NCO of the Year)

Award Cat: Mid Tier Enlisted (NCO/PO)
Winner: Division - Unified Command

Key Points to Writing
  • If you haven't already, take a writing class
  • WRITE!!! The more you do it, the better you get.
  • Don't be afraid to ask for HELP.
  • The only person looking out for either you or your subordinate is YOU!
  • Use a spell checker (F7 in Office) 
  • Remember, writing doesn't have to win to REWARD!
  • Use various writing resources like Merriam-Webster Online.

The following Example has been taken out of IMT viewer so the formatting might be off.  I did not changed mission information, only names to protect myself and the people I have received the information from.  If you have anything you would like to submit, please do so.  If you have found this information useful, please let me know. Everyone of these letters has taken considerable amount of time to put together.  Please treat yourself to something special from one of the ads on the page.  We will both get something out of it.  (All money gathered pays for hosting fees and domain fees.  HONESTLY, when I see money come in it also prompts me to work harder on the site.)

- Functional Mgmt tech advisor for C2 pgms totaling $114M/yr; Nuclear Planning and Execution System (NPES)
  C2 Enterprise Data Base & Integrated Strategic Planning and Analysis Network--integrating National systems
- Handpicked team member to implement Presidential directive--establish National Command Capability (NCC)
- Facilitated NPES battle staff dispersed operations concept demonstrations; 1 year ahead of forecasted schedule
  -- Proved CDR<CHOMP>'s net-centric CONOPs for Nuclear C2--potential $1M/yr NPES pgm savings
  -- Coauthored $385K program objective memorandum input; need to create first <COCOM> dispersed site
  -- Successful demo--elimination of 2 mobile C2 weapon systems considered--potentially savings of $340M
- Executing <COCOM>/CD directive to integrate offensive and defensive ballistic missile C2 sys and ops
  -- Attended 16 hrs of Integrated Missile Defense (IMD) training--identified 5 processes to integrate C2 info sys
  -- Prepared background papers for initial meetings to determine technical & pgm requirements with JFCC-IMD
- Team member to implement Global Operations initiatives to improve Airborne Command Post (ABNCP) C2
  -- Participated in flag officer NPES capabilities briefs--identified and corrected three major training issues
  -- Vastly increased ABNCP combat C2 capability--enabled automatic processing of over 365K messages/year
  -- Coordinating aircraft modification and information security approval process--keeping projects on schedule
  -- Drafting rqmts for NPES drops in alert facilities--reducing C2 system updates from 24 hours to 15 minutes
- Innovator--selected team member to upgrade legacy Nuclear Command and Control (NC2) information systems
  -- Added capability to execute the DoD "new Triad": nuclear, conventional and non-kinetic global strike forces
- Defined C2 sys rqmts for <COCOM>Center for Combating (?CC) Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)
  -- Increased SCC-WMD's situational awareness of all <COCOM>assigned nuclear vehicles and weapons
  -- Solved SCC WMD's capability gap to provide collaborative WMD effect assessments to DoD NC2 centers
- Finalized rqmts to add Defense Threat Reduction Agency software into NPES--vastly improved fallout maps
- Engineering team mbr to post NC2 reports on Knowledge Mgmt web page--increased report access by 227%
- Synchronized Trident Sub tgt change message testing--improved adaptive planning and execution time by 75%
- Detected multi-level secure information proposal technical failure--guaranteed security of Top Secret info
- Diagrammed Enterprise Database user access records process--courageous call to reduce personnel by 14%
- Defined feasibility rqmt to automatically update ICBM alert status in <COCOM>Force Status Reporting
  System--potentially eliminated over 1,100 hrs/yr spent manually reporting status at five NC2 operations center
- Authored background paper for EUCOM J6 visit--confirmed <COCOM>'s European/NATO NC2 support
- Chaired NPES Configuration Control Board 7 times--skillfully prioritized 348 software change requests
- Reviewed new/recurring training program to 226 operators across 6 time zones--user proficiency maximized
- Certified Global Ops Ctr Battle Staff member--tracks 594 nuclear weapon vehicles & systems--100% accurate

- Completed: SNCO PME, 48 hrs of Defense Acquisition University (Acq 101 & T&E 101)--15 credit hours
  towards his BS degree w/3.8 GPA, 80 hours of NPES Battle Staff User & Adaptive Planning training courses

- Selfless commitment to base and local community--volunteered over 465 hours to improve the lives of others
- Assisted CMSAF McCoy (ret) build and distribute Thanksgiving holiday baskets to military families in need
- Organized volunteers for Veterans Affairs facility--escort homeless veterans--ensured complete medical care
- Active sponsor of base Airman's Attic--implemented budget and accounting system--assured program success
  -- Authored base newspaper article--provided household items to Joint Service & AF junior enlisted families
- President, Jt Cmd South Central Enlisted Counsel--managed Easter party for over 100 multinational members
- Procured camera and computer systems for AF Sergeants Assoc (AFSA)--vastly improved monthly newsletter
- Active in Top-3, Network 56, & Advisory Counsel--helped organize two NCO inductions ceremonies & more
- Poster quality "Airman" and role model--<COCOM> NCO of the Qtr, 3rd Qtr 05, took #1 of 673 NCO's!


  Very concise, clear high level package.  It is interesting to see how a command level award package reads significantly different than a wing or group level.  You can see a lot of impact throughout the DoD.  Even more interesting is that the 3rd quarter award is also located on the site.  Finally, no spelling or numbering errors.

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