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Award Examples

Enlisted Recognition Program (SNCO of the Year)

Award Cat: SNCO
Winner: ?

Key Points to Writing
  • WRITE!!! The more you do it, the better you get.
  • Ask for HELP, the only person looking out for #1 is you.
  • The only person looking out for your subordinates is YOU!
  • Use a spell checker.  F7 works real fast in MS Word.
  • Use Merriam-Webster Online to improve your vocabulary.

The following example has been taken out of a Formflow document.  I have changed mission information to protect myself and the people I have received the information from.  I will attempt to give a little insight to the entire process if I know it.

If you have anything you would like to submit, please do so.  Also, if you have found this information useful, please let me know. Everyone of these items has taken considerable amount of time to put together.  Please use the ads on this site to help support the site.  All money gathered pays for hosting fees and domain fees.  (HONESTLY, when I see money come in it also prompts me to work harder on the site.)

- A peerless SNCO! Commendably led 12 supply personnel in managing ACC's #1 satellite account
  -- Superbly administered his $48M supply account with over 5K line items and 24 equipment accounts
  -- Sustained 400+ successful U-2/UES Operation ENDURING FREEDOM missions in CENTCOM
  -- Trained and deployed five elite suppliers in support of Global Hawk and MOBSTR contingency ops
- Chief architect of DGS sustainment...ground station weapon system readiness rates peaked at 100%
  -- Awarded the Meritorious Service Medal for his superior contributions to global DGS-? operations
  -- Cornerstone and impetus behind {SQU} taking the Air Force Association's 2001 Citation of Honor
  -- His leadership breeds success! His top NCO received USAF's 2001 Sr Supply Technician award
- None better at provisioning supplies...only two MICAP demands 2002--fighter wings average 1-daily
  -- Monthly mission support kit (MSK) fill rates reached a cosmic all time high for the unit
  -- Levels of support results of outstanding rapport with Warner-Robins ISR Directorate item managers
- Logistics frontman...aided in SATCOM system swaps in prep for Operation NORTHERN WATCH
  -- Facilitated reconfiguration and redeployment of Global Hawk DGS & WARRIOR ALPHA systems
  -- Resolved $60M system accountability issues...advised site commanders/HHQ to use DD Form 250 
  -- Rapidly facilitated transfer of $2M in system-unique spares between DGS Forward and MOBSTR
  -- Coordinated return accountability of $2M in triband field terminal-C spares from USAFE to {BASE}
- Stellar branch chief and account manager...took care of his people and they took care of the mission
  -- Wrote and secured two extended tour Air Force Commendation medals for exceptional performers
  -- Drafted another winning package...his troop won unit Outstanding NCO of the Quarter, 3Q 2002
  -- Preferred choice to sit on squadron below-the-zone promotion and quarterly/annual awards boards 
- Effectively managed resources as Supply Management Activity Group Liaison and Cost Center mgr
  -- Ensured continuous dollar support while HHQ redrew funding and obligation authority documents
  -- Untangled complex FY01 obligation problem that caused delay in FY02 crossover...$15K restored
  -- Detected and resolved a glitch in daily Fund Requirement Card processing by ACC Regional Supply
- Aggressively worked 2S0X1 manpower issues with HHQ functional manager...100% authorized/filled
  -- Hedged 2S manning shortages by initiating cost-saving PCA actions on two personnel from {GROUP}
- {WING} supply icon...mentored 2/3 of {BASE}'s 2002 USAF Supply/Fuels Readiness Competition team
  -- Fielded three ace suppliers for {GROUP}' Team {BASE} to compete against 39 squadrons at Eglin AFB
  -- One of his NCOs took the gold medal in the intricate Forklift Slalom event...a perfect score of 100
  -- Joint {GROUP}/{SQU} team vaulted {BASE} AFB to the top 2% in USAF...#8 overall in war readiness
- Prolific writer! Authored DGS-? Logistics Support Plan for 32-station HighCastle language tng suite
  -- Spelled out guidelines for sparing, life-cycle planning, and cradle-to-grave equipment accountability
  -- Illustrated essential procedures for establishing project funds accounts, fiscal planning and control
  -- Inserted a caveat for inclusion into the program objective memorandum funding after 4-yr review
- Extremely diverse...assumed Production Superintendent duties normally given to maintenance AFSCs
  -- Proactive oversight of in-garrison systems ensured 100% operational readiness for 12 U-2 missions
  -- Instrumental in preventing NEWSDEALER/COASTLINE messaging outages from hurting missions
- Exeptional results in realigning his Materiel Control element under the Maintenance Control umbrella
  -- Diverted two supply experts to fill high-visibility positions and rewrote LS OI 23-004 to formalize
  -- Efforts dramatically reduced average Due-In From Maintenance/Repair Cycle time from 7 to 3 days
  -- Reaped superb backshop support...Zonal's monthly bench stock availability rate remained over 95%
- His dynamic Stock Control element proved to be the plasma and lifeblood of successful DGS missions
  -- Phenomenal control of 2,100+ adjusted levels bolstered supply effectiveness for 17 intel systems
  -- Issue effectiveness for Deployable Ground Intercept Facility/Ground Cntl Processor averaged 92%
  -- Captured a 98% average MSK fill rate for WARRIOR ALPHA relocation and logistics readiness 
  -- Made concerted efforts to minimize excess stocks...eliminated 100+ stagnant adjusted level records

(second page)

- Diligently governed 24 CA/CRL and Special Purpose accounts with 223 items exceeding $20M value
  -- Garnered a whopping 99% authorization approval rate...custodians accounts are 99% equipped
  -- Delicately balanced Special Purpose assets with adjusted levels to insure none exceeded allowances
  -- Ensured MOBSTR shops were 100% equipped at all times...critical to success of 48 EIS relocation
- Served as liaison for COMSEC equipment transfers from {GROUP}-{SQU} to buffer against A-76 fallout
  -- Planned step-by-step process to ensure speedy MAJCOM approval and CA/CRL inventory accuracy
  -- Assisted unit custodians in accounting for 60+ STU-III telephones...gave proper turn-in guidance
  -- Advised the commander on absorbing two CA/CRL accounts from base supply worth over $200K 
- Exemplary results governing storage & issue processes in his 30,000 square foot warehouse facility
  -- Achieved supply's 2002 goal of 60% support kit over 1,000 line items
  -- Expertly managed 260+ electrostatic discharge (ESD) sensitive managerial findings
  -- Staunch control of 26 hazardous material stocks ensure compliance with California EPA regulations 
  -- Tallied a stunning 98% annual inventory accuracy rate...only two balance adjustments this year 
- Comprehensive internal surveillance program policed over 300 supply and transportation processes
  -- Procedural enforcement cemented quality supply support for 17 intelligence processing components 
  -- Intensive self-inspection program management triggered zero findings 480 IG staff assist inspectors
- Document Control aggressively improved organizational needs for outbound transportation activities
  -- Shipment suspense details dropped from 263 to 94...R40 delinquent shipments shrank to 1/4 page
- Innovatively fixed a nagging cargo tracer problem...coordinated with 9 TRANS for access to their 
  Cargo Movement Operating System, enabling supply to process its own transportation data updates
  -- Vastly improved weekly updates to the R40 Delinquent Shipment List tracking over $1M in assets
  -- Enhanced visibility of all reparable assets moved through the DoD Global Transportation Network
  -- Helped eliminate HQ AFMC redistribution order (RDO) denials...100% of RDO shipments cleared
  -- Virtually eliminated the potential for RED/MICAP outages by shoring up authorized stock levels
- Conducted pinpoint trend analysis on supply's six key performance indicators...diligently governed 
  over 1000 monthly supply transactions to ensure inventory control and measure supplier effectiveness
  -- Attacked MICAP cause code "K" requirements to robust stock levels and preclude future incidents
  -- Sifted Stockage Priority Code "5" records for upgrade to code "3" increase requisitioning frequency
  -- Caught and corrected a $250K erroneous inventory adjustment of critical spares at the deployed site
  -- Flawlessly reported monthly account statistics to HHQ...optimum visibility of war readiness spares
- Customer surveys reflected 100% negative trends or customer complaints reported
- Reinforced the quality of 2S0X1 Supply Management training program...overhauled his Master Plan
  -- 100% career development course pass rate on four trainees...exceeeded the flight's 95% standard
  -- Thinned out the number of required "additional duty" tasks...eliminated CFE&TP task duplication
  -- Completed a painstaking overwrite of 350+ flawed 2S0X1 Training Table tasks in the CAMS db
  -- Acquired {GROUP} approval to conduct and certify Block I, IIA/B and III customer supply training
- Improved organizational supply effectiveness with new comprehensive logistics operating instructions
  -- LS OI 23-001 guides maintenance in promoting sound bench stock and precious metals management
  -- LS OI 23-003 gives explicit procedures for supply personnel performing after-hours support duties
  -- LS OI 23-004 details instructions for Materiel Control support and workcenter supply managers
- Religiously safeguarded and utilized over $300K in transportation and computer assets in his control
  -- Assigned forklift and general purpose vehicles were impeccably inspection defects
  -- Upgraded all workcenter terminals with new desktops...turbocharged supply's service capabilities 

- Completed the prestigious USAF SNCO Academy in-residence...a top honor for this CCAF graduate
  -- Received certification in senior leadership, human relations and resource management education
- Acquired nine semester hours in management toward his Bachelor's Degree in Business Adminstration

- {BASE} Top 3 activist...SNCO Induction ceremony graphics designer, planner and Saber Team member
  -- Eagerly particpated in reading the SNCO oath during the wing's December promotion ceremony 
- Volunteered four hours at golf tournament...aided base Top 3 in earning over $1,600 for Warm Heart
- DGS-? Top 4 enthusiast...worked 8+ hours at local concerts adding to over $11K in morale dollars
  -- Assisted in setting up luncheon activities for Chief {LNAME}'s retirement ceremony...superb event!
  -- Cooked, served, and cleaned during two summer fundraisers...put $300+ in Booster Club coffers
- Active in Air Force Sergeants Assn...signed four recruits at 2002 Operation Warm Heart fundraiser


I like the package but there are a couple of spelling mistakes...  Especially bad when used as a line opener.

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