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Award Examples

Enlisted Recognition Program (SNCO of the Year)
(Air Force Reserve)

Award Cat: SNCO
Winner: yes - unsure how far

Key Points to Writing
  • WRITE!!! The more you do it, the better you get.
  • Ask for HELP, the only person looking out for #1 is you.
  • The only person looking out for your subordinates is YOU!
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  • Use  Merriam-Webster Online to improve your vocabulary.

The following example has been taken out of a IMT  document.  I have changed mission information to protect myself and the people I have received the information from.  I will attempt to give a little insight to the entire process if I know it.

If you have anything you would like to submit, please do so.  Also, if you have found this information useful, please let me know. Everyone of these items has taken considerable amount of time to put together.  Please use the ads on this site to help support the site.  All money gathered pays for hosting fees and domain fees.  (HONESTLY, when I see money come in it also prompts me to work harder on the site.)

-Dynamic/visionary leadership! Established/communicated goals... enforced standards to recognize/promote qualified
  members... proven track record in preparing/developing/producing future AF leaders in record time 
  -- Empowers others! Promoted 5 qualified/responsible members. Team player! 1st time to have 4 3C0 MSgt's 
  -- Pro-active in recognizing members! Spearheaded awards/decorations program; 10 medals/4 quarterly awards
  -- A real leader! Provided others opportunity to supervise/mentor by reorganizing 3C0 organizational structure 
  -- Results oriented! Promoted/monitored/enforced 3C0 CDC/PME training. Members successfully completed 
      7 level school - 3; 5 level school - 3; NCO Academy - 2. Drastically improving our operational readiness
  -- Significantly reduced perception of favoritism! Created spreadsheets/documents on 3C0's (i.e., attendance,
      CDC, PME); to establish standards/communicate accomplishments; track those that excel/exceed AF standards
- Inspired/facilitated transitioning 716th CF to staff helpdesk at 916th Job Control full-time on UTAs, providing
  {WING} with computer/network support on UTAs. Our members received real world training; 1st at {BASE}!
- Key person in improving working relations with {#} Communications Squadron. His perseverance/expertise in
  human relations allowed 716th CF to establish/maintain an outstanding partnership with {#} CS active duty 
  -- Active team building! Participated in development of signed "Memorandum of Understanding" between units 
  -- Motivates others! In one year, {#} CS certified 60% of our team on "3C0 - Initial Qualification Training" exam
-Strives for continuous improvement! Assigned/guided members on taking ownership of key additional duties 
  -- Eye on budget! Oversaw approval of three training waiver packages, saving AF $39,000 in training/expenses
  -- Energizes/inspires! 716th CF was 1st in wing to have all eligible members accomplish Physical Fitness exam

- Excels/stands out! Earned Meritorious Service Medal and "{WING} - 2004 - 1st Quarter SNCO Award" 
- Leads by example! 1st to successfully complete "3C0 - Initial Qualification Training" ACC exam, scoring 82% 
- Sets the bar for others! Led the way in accomplishing new Physical Fitness exam (Fit to Fight), scoring 81.5% 
- Superior performer! Studied/prepared for SAV/UCI... read several AFI manuals, became a subject expert in
  several areas... delegated/coordinated/encouraged others to ensure programs were in compliance/up-to-speed 
- Excellent communication skills! Off-duty, educated himself on writing/speaking... best EPRs/awards/briefings!
  -- Promotes leadership and professionalism! On his personal time conceptualized/organized/created a CD called
      "NCO's Toolkit" containing sample Awards, EPRs, LOAs, LOCs, LORs, presentation and guides for supervisors
- Best public relations! Pursued/ensured 716th CF was in "Wright Flyer" newspaper, informing/educating wing 
- Challenges/motivates soldiers! Assigns team members to create/present classes on computer/military topics 

- Developed/presented career course, entailing writing cover letters/resumes/interviewing. Tools for Success! 
- American Red Cross volunteer, raised $6,400 in one day for "Operation Phone Home". Service before Self!
- Improves AF life! Active member in wing's "Top Three" team... participates in ceremonies/recreational events 
- Personal commitment! Designed/created professional wooden retirement plaques for 716th CF members 
- Recognizes/awards our top performers! Solicited civilian employer/vendors to donate coffee mugs/cups/shirts 


WOW.  One can definitely tell this is a SNCO package.  The writer is hitting everything, Time, Money, Leadership, Management.  Plus most importantly affecting people outside of local unit.  To be nit picky, there are a couple of numbering problems, but the smoothness of the package allows the eyes to float over them.

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