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Verne Orr

Award Cat: Organization
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AFI 36-2805 para 3.8

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The following Example has been taken out of a FORMFLOW document.  I have changed mission information to protect myself and the people I have received the information from.  I will attempt to give a little insight to the entire process if I know it.

If you have anything you would like to submit, please do so.  Also, if you have found this information useful, please let me know. Everyone of these items has taken considerable amount of time to put together.  Please use the ads on this site to help support the site.  All money gathered pays for hosting fees and domain fees.  (HONESTLY, when I see money come in it also prompts me to work harder on the site.)

Copied from Form Flow used in MS Word with these settings
Laser Jet 4M
Pg Stats:            .6 LT            .6 RT            .5 T            .5 B

This award was submitted for the unit.  An important tool I have learned from this award and other group awards is the individual awards through out the unit.  The more time spent polishing them, researching and writing them, reaps huge rewards for group awards such as this.  If you refer to the other 2002 awards, you will see some of the same lines verbatim with in this.

Note on the Package:  Word abbreviations are great, just make sure everyone knows what you are talking about.  Be careful of spelling mistakes, some will get by unnoticed, that's the nice thing about large packages and human readers.

MISSION ACCOMPLISHMENTS - Herculean level of effort achieved unimaginable war time results
- DGS-? is comprised of 450 active duty, 51 Air National Guard and 70 civilians; 36 AFSCs in 3 units 
  -- Premiere provider of day/night, near-real-time intelligence utilizing the U-2 and Global Hawk UAV
  -- Leveraged reachback satellite comms architecture to prepare battlespace for Operation ENDURING
      FREEDOM (OEF); only ground station capable of exploiting U-2's direct-to-satellite data capability
      --- Global reach for global effects; delivered threat warning, situational awareness, fused imagery
            products and precise/actionable intelligence to OEF warfighters for lethal effects against terrorists
  -- Mission impossible? Manned at 70%; effective manning rate < 65%; OPSTEMPO often > 300%
- CFACC's prime source for timely, actionable intelligence; satisfied over 45,000 imagery requests on over
   450 missions--over 80%of OEF's total requirement! Disseminated over 12,000 intelligence rpts!
   -- Exploited three U-2 sorties/day…24/7 ops; supported Special Ops ground forces in Tora Bora area
       for Operation ANACONDA; provided target data to A-10, AC-130, F-14, F-15, F-16, F-18, B-1 &
       B-52 strike aircraft; no fratricide due to first-look/last-look; hastened evil-doer's mtg with Almighty
   -- Deployed up to four LNOs at PSAB; insured CAOC was immediately notified of significant activity
       collected by DGS-?; confirmed AOC collaborated and coordinated with distant end intel consumers
   -- Global Hawk UAV tracked movements--fused intel critical to 'Search and Destroy' Afghan mission 
   -- Persistent ISR pinned down al-Qaeda; paved a way for 'kick-down the door' precision engagement 
   -- Lifesavers! Vital comms focal pt...key in protecting Special Ops ground forces from friendly fire 
       --- Gave location/situation awareness for four CSAR extractions; aided recovery of downed troops
- Exploited new time-critical Precision Geo-Location (PGL) targeting capability; slashed timelines for
  menstruated target coordinates up to 80%--precision guided missiles delivered to Bin Laden's doorstep 
- Earned high praise from Task Force-180; direct link with B-52 wing ensured 'earth shattering' results
  -- B-52 wing leadership; "Thanks for the best direct intel support ever given to a wing in combat" 
- Deployed contractor personnel to manage and operate the Predator UAV imagery exploitation network
  at SWA...offered communication system administration expertise to advance the US war on terrorism
- Provided assured connectivity and combat proven reliability of 33 communications circuits, 2 satellite
  relay networks...more than 300 Mbps of bandwidth...maintained phenomenal 99% mission ready rate
   -- A stellar rating considering OPSTEMPO gave few opportunities to reconstitute the weapon system 
- Pressed on with acceptance testing of the next gen U-2/DGS-? sensor packages; worked around OEF 
   -- Despite system infancy failures/poor tech data, tests stayed on schedule...advance capability fielded
       to Korean AOR; provided {NAF} multi-spectral imagery capability--a quantum leap in U-2 operations
- Operated/maintained DGS-? Fwd; employed Global Hawk for OEF time-sensitive-targeting missions 
  -- UAV's long loiter time kept tabs on al-Qaeda night movements; denied terrorists freedom/sanctuary
- Processed 45K+ imagery requests; fed unquenchable need for intel; wowed users in 3 distinct theaters
- Rapidly relocated the $25M Mobile Stretch (MOBSTR) forward operating U-2 data relay comms site
  -- Moved 52 people & 100 tons of equipment to Kapaun AS, Germany to aid Mid-East intel collection
  -- Refocused ISR assets to monitor rising hostilities emerging from the Israeli and Palestinian conflict
  -- Reengineered MOBSTR's Threatnet ckt at Ramstein AB in time to support Operation ANACONDA
  -- Locked the gate on San Vito AS, Italy as MOBSTR moved; worked with senior 16 AF & 16 AEW 
      leaders and senior Italian officials; transferred 300 acres & $65M in assets to the Italian government
- Eyes/ears for Operation MOUNTAIN LION; provided critical situational awareness to US and UK
  forces interdicting convoys btwn Pakistan and Afghanistan resupplying the remnant of al-Qaeda forces
  -- Disseminated timely intel reports to tip field commanders; ensured safety of joint Special Ops troops
- Highlighted unit ISR expertise at inaugural Joint Expeditionary Forces Experiment (JEFX) exercise 
  -- First joint field exercise incorporating next gen U-2 aircraft, sensors and aircraft tracking antennas
  -- Floored JEFX evaluators at Nellis test range; advanced hpyerspectural imagery stripped away decoy
     and deception efforts of 'enemy' forces; PGL target data gave commanders fire-and-forget assurance
- Relocated MOBSTR a second time; discreetly set up U-2 ops to cover northern Iraq--presence allowed  
  oversight of Iraqi compliance with UN Security Counsel resolutions concerning inspections for WMD
  -- Solved myriad of complex issues to make move happen...channeled cooperation between EUCOM,
      CENTCOM and host nation; expedited move; used unit funds to resolved major logistical concerns
  -- Sent ADVON team to establish infrastructure--oversaw security, customs and lodging requirements
- Masterfully manipulated U-2's Extended Tether Program (ETP) direct-to-satellite comms capability to
   achieve asymmetrical advantage; delivered life saving threat warning and actionable targeting data 
- Despite limited role due to real-world war planning, provided 700+ imagery targets and "deployable"
  troops for STRATCOM's JCS-directed Single Integrated Operational Plan, Global Guardian exercise
  -- Products helped exercise {Wing}'s nuclear contingency plans and prove advertised war capabilities 
- Showcased DGS-? mission for Consolidated Remote Operating Facility-Airborne & Joint Surveillance
  Target Attack Radar System (JSTARS) visitors; all left as admirers of DGS-? airmen and msn ability

MANAGEMENT OF RESOURCES - Conducting global ops while integrating latest ISR technology
- Improved electronic link with {BASE} ANG; installed a $500K system upgrade bolster {Group} ISR's msn
  -- Emerging technology allowed guardsmen to exploit U-2 and Global Hawk and Predator UAV msns
- Modified the Deployable Transist-cased System (DTS); DTS used to support UAV missions--now able
  to exploit/process U-2 missions...leveraged off a different intel platform to run simultaneous U-2 ops 
- Relocated and upgraded DGS-? satellite imagery servers; increased usable workstations from 18 to 25
  -- Improved communication bandwidth from 179 kb/sec to 356 kb/ astounding 199% increase!
  -- Collocated multi-classification firewall; enhanced time-critical OEF analysts exploitation capability 
- Manning & mission considerations provided a catalyst for innovation; unit reorganized; new structure 
  linked similar pgms under new Mission Support Flt--natural working groups improved efficiency 50%
- Completed a $1M communications-operations segment mod; transit-cased gear for rapid deployment
- Standardized/simplified Imagery Exploitation Spt Sys report writing guide; reduced potential for error
- Repository of knowledge concerning the Modularized Interoperable Surface Terminal-II (MIST-II) 
  -- Debugged a prototype; MIST-II now a reliable aircraft tracking antenna--excellent ops during JEFX
  -- Championed MIST-II logistics/sustainment tail; spent unit funds to aid the tech manual development
- Thorough planning/practical experience gained laid foundation for success of U-2 ETP ops in OEF
-- Applied lessons learned to improve CONOPS; pushed the envelop to attain dual U-2 ops capability
- Upgraded signals exploitation comms pipe from 6 Mbps to over 15 Mbps...over 250%
  enhanced circuit allowed to greater volume of data to be rapidly transferred to associated intel units
  -- Robust data circuit served as the communications backbone to build a simultaneous U-2 exploitation
      capability for a potential Iraqi confrontation...a prominent capability in modifying the Iraq OPLAN
- Responsible for all facets of management, design, procurement, implementation and maintenance of 4
  multi-level class/unclass security networks consisting of 400+ workstations, 10 servers and 800 users
- Built sustainable logistics tail...enabled 24/7 OEF battlespace awareness and information dominance
  -- Phenomenal maintenance/inventory management--sustained ops, 2 MICAP situations in 365 days!
  -- 97% stockage effectiveness rate. Enhanced Warner-Robins Wpn Systems Support List; provisioned
      2,100 adjusted stock levels for 18 info warfare components...diligently coordinated 760+ additions
  -- Maintained superb 98% mission support kit fill rate...result: a 97% annual inventory accuracy rate
- Maintained 24/7 security posture for 500+ person site and 3 facilities totaling over 30,000 square feet
- Revamped DTS shelter...spent 10 days modifying shelter floor plans 30+ times to find the perfect fit 
  -- Masterfully utilized 27 people; ensured the impossible, 96 hours of work accomplished in 49 hours 
  -- Fabricated/installed 125 shielded twisted pair (STP) cables; laid 1 1/2 miles of cable in 14 hours 
  -- Acute attention to detail; labeled 125 cables & installed 156 STP connectors; errors limited to <3%
  -- Moved 39 mission and 12 support systems; mission capable in 32 hours; 16 hours ahead of schedule
- Manned below command average across all AFSCs yet still supported 'Big Air Force' requirements
  -- PCA'd two 2E technicians to stand up Global Hawk's {Group) on {BASE} AFB...first sqdn of its kind
  -- PCA'd a heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) technician to {BASE}'s # {Squ} to support critical 
      deployable wet-film UTC requirement; also deployed a HVAC troop and a personnel specialist to
      fill a short-notice {Wing} AEF task the wing couldn't fill...DGS-? is fully committed to 'Team {BASE}'
- Supplied more than half of 'Team {BASE}' Supply and Fuels 'Roadeo' participants; team travelled to
  Eglin AFB to compete against 38 other bases...'Team {BASE}' took 8th place overall--scored in top 2%
- Lobbied to replace the aging SATCOM Tri-band Field Terminal (TFT) with a newer version; devised a
  plan/won approval; transferred TFT and mission support kits to MOBSTR; old TFT is depot bound

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