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Guidance on Fitness Assessment and EPRs and OPRs

Author: CMSgt T. V.
Chief, Enlisted Evaluations/Promotions Policy

Based on some recent questions from the field regarding fitness and performance reports, to include referral reports, the following clarification is provided (please ensure this information is provided to your base populace)

- The fitness score is based on a composite score and not any one area so comments regarding failing one portion of the test should not be included in performance reports if the total composite score results in a passing score (marginal, good or excellent). In cases where the overall fitness score is in the Poor category and this information is included in the performance report, the EPR or OPR must be referred. The referral memorandum allows raters and evaluators to address specifics.

- AFI 36-2406, Officer and Enlisted Evaluation System, states to not make non-specific/vague comments about the individual's behavior or performance when referring performance reports. This guidance also applies to EPRs/OPRs referred for poor fitness. Comments such as those referencing more emphasis on strength training are vague and not specific and since raters are not trained nutrionists, they should not be commenting on diet or aerobic exercise. In these situations, it would be more appropriate to address behavior, motivation, effort, leadership, etc. that the Individual is exhibiting during unit PT and it should be clearly stated that the individual did not meet standards.

- As stated in AF/DP 041800Z Oct 04 8106 message and 15 Nov 04 AF/DPP E-mail to all MSS/CC's: including the specific assessment score (positive or negative) is prohibited. However, fitness is an Air Force standard and should be evaluated in the same manner as other Air Force standards and appropriate markings on EPRs and OPRs are allowed. Again, including any negative information will require the report to be referred.

- While specific fitness assessment scores on individual reports are not allowed, including unit PT information on Unit Fitness Program Managers (UFPM) and Physical Training Leader (PTL) reports are allowed since these are significant additional duties.

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