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Author:  SMSgt Sam D’U
Submitter:  Rebeka

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  1. If someone makes more money than you; call them Sir/Ma’am, Sergeant, or by their operating initials if performing ATC (Air Traffic Control) duty
  2. Remember a Chief is always a CHIEF, no operating initials!
  3. If you're not listening or working in a position, always have an ATC publication open in front of you.
  4. Never refuse to do a chow run.
  5. Never get visibly or noticeably upset when asked to do clean up or weeds and seeds.
  6. Never get visibly or noticeably upset when someone else gets priority in training over you. Discuss how you feel in private, tactfully, and only with you supervisor.
  7. Whenever you are the "new" person in an ATC facility; keep to yourself for the first few weeks and get a feel for those you will be working with and for before you start running your mouth. Don't try to be "one of the guys" right away.
  8. Take pride in your uniform and never be a duffel bag (wearing your uniform like a sack).
  9. Try to be the first to show up for work and the last to leave (don't be a 45er).
  10. If you are going to be late; call first and always bring doughnuts (do not make showing up late for work a habit).
  11. If you don't have INTEGRITY get some real quick.
  12. Keep track of all your accomplishments throughout the year and provide this list to your supervisor when it comes time to write your EPR.
  13. Volunteer for additional duties and projects to the extent possible (remember your training comes first though).
  14. Start going to school as soon as you can (take CLEP and DANTES tests if you are unable to take classes).
  15. Serve at least one overseas tour before you decide to get out of the military.
  16. Learn anything the Air Force is willing to teach you for free.
  17. Take pride in your profession and never bad mouth it while you are still receiving a paycheck.
  18. Learn as much about YOUR entitlements and benefits.
  19. When in doubt, SALUTE.
  20. Never try to duck away, or hide during RETREAT.
  21. Find someone in your organization whom you admire or who has their act together and try to emulate that person to the extent possible without losing sight of your own identity.
  22. Have confidence in yourself and always try to exceed standards (go above and beyond what's expected).
  23. Don't keep secrets from your supervisor, make them feel comfortable knowing you will come to them with problems.
  24. Remember a chain has many links when using the chain of command.
  25. Finally, if you need advice go to someone who has or is succeeding; don't get it from those who are failing.


  There is a lot of truth in these 25 comments, having learned 80% for err.  ATC can be replaced with anything, and the picture still remains.



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