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Air Force Senior Non-Commissioned Officer (SNCO) Self Assessment for Promotion

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     Are you competitive for promotion? A realistic personal self-assessment of your current status is an excellent way to gauge your promotion competitiveness. Although promotion boards continue to adapt from year to year, much remains constant concerning what factors heavily influence your chances for that next stripe.

     This worksheet was compiled with just such data, especially promotion board after-action reports. Items listed below were considered pertinent to career enhancement and promotability. While not a ‘sure-fire’ promotion guarantee, the more items that you can check off on the “Above Average” and “Outstanding” sections, the more competitive your record should be, and probably will be, at the next board.

     Finally, remember that completion of every area below will not assure you of a promotion. These factors must be combined with your USAFE exam and other data (TIS, TIG, etc). However, it should very clearly help you answer the question: Am I competitive?


EPR on top has Senior Rater Indorsement? 

Completion of SNCO Academy?  

CCAF Degree in career field?     

Decorated with each PCS?    


Firewall 5 EPRs and 9 APRs for last 10 years?                 

SRI on all eligible EPRs?                                                     

Additional degree in related career field?                         

MSM as top decoration in package?

Documented base and/or community involvement?

Short-term successful special duty (PME, Recruiter, etc) outside normal job & successful return to original AFSC?

Deployment in support of OEF, OIF or AEF in the last 4 years.


Monthly, Quarterly or Annual Award winner?

PME Award winner (Levitow, DG etc)?

Community or public service formal recognition?

Civilian educational awards?

Officer in a professional organization (Top-3, AFSA, NCOA etc)

Success in position well-above your grade?

Sustained superior performance (every EPR contains the above items)?

Deployment in support of OEF, OIF or AEF in the last 4 year with corresponding decoration highlighting accomplishments


SNCOA not completed?

CCAF not completed?

No senior rater indorsement?

No decoration upon PCS?

Same job description, yr after yr?

Less than firewall 5 EPR/9 APR’s

Professional degree in unrelated field (without CCAF degree)?


No deployment in support of AEF, OIF, OEF.

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Page Added on: 18 May 2006