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Deployment And Assignment History On SNCO Evaluation Briefs

Author: Enlisted Promotions HQ AFPC/DPPPPWM
Source: PDF File - 29 Mar 07

Beginning with the CY07 Chief Master Sergeant Evaluation Board, deployment and assignment history will be added to the SNCO Evaluation Brief. The changes are designed to provide a “snap shot” of information to board members to assist them in more efficiently reviewing records. Currently, board members review the data as it is presented in performance reports and decorations.

The deployment section will reflect the last six deployments (Type 1 Contingency/rotational or Type 2 Exercise Deployment) by displaying each deployment's start and stop dates. Only completed deployments of 45 days or more and with a start date of 11 Sep 01 or later will be displayed. Current deployments, deployments that lasted less than 45 days, or deployments that began prior to 11 Sep 01 will not be reflected.

The duty history section will include a 10-year assignment history, which is consistent with the 10 years of performance reports in the selection record.  Duty history prior to the 10 years based on promotion eligibility cut off date (PECD) will not be shown.

These data elements will be reflected on the data verification products provided to each eligible SNCO. It is the Airman’s responsibility to review his or her selection record to ensure accuracy of information. SNCO selection records can be requested by emailing

Additional questions should be addressed to the Enlisted Promotion and Military Testing Branch, HQ AFPC/DPPPW,


  Look at the bolded information.  If you happen to sit in a position where you travel A LOT but not over 45 days at a crack make sure to have your EPR reflects the number of days TDY for that reporting period. I would highly recommend as the beginning bullet in your senior rater comments.  Since TDY time is a discriminating factor for promotion for E-8/E-9, ensure yours is reflected accordingly.  This recommendation applies to SSgts and above due to the 10 year look back for promotion to SMSgt and CMSgt.

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