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AF Comm & Info Award (FY2005)

Award Cat: Unit
Winner: No

AFI 36-2845

Key Points to Writing
  • WRITE!!! The more you do it, the better you get.
  • Don't be afraid to ask for HELP.
  • The only person looking out for either you or your subordinate is YOU!
  • Use a spell checker (F7 in Office) 
  • Remember, writing doesn't have to win to REWARD!
  • Use various writing resources like Merriam-Webster Online.

The following Example has been taken out of IMT viewer so the formatting might be off.  I did not changed mission information, only names to protect myself and the people I have received the information from.  If you have anything you would like to submit, please do so.  If you have found this information useful, please let me know. Everyone of these letters has taken considerable amount of time to put together.  Please treat yourself to something special from one of the ads on the page.  We will both get something out of it.  (All money gathered pays for hosting fees and domain fees.  HONESTLY, when I see money come in it also prompts me to work harder on the site.)

- 821 Comm Warriors assisting Americans at home, helping win Global War on Terror, and adding luster to rep-
  utation of our Air Force--deployed 487 people & 278 tons of eqpt to 25 locations worldwide, 100% on-time!
- When disaster strikes, the Herd is there to pick up the pieces--vital support for Hurricane Katrina recovery
  -- Longest, biggest convoy op for any AF combat comm unit in 11 yrs--beat closer units into Joint AOR
  -- 347 people, $200M+ of comm eqpt, 169 vehicles, 736 convoy miles, ZERO notice--3 CCG was "first in"
  -- Delivered comprehensive comm support (phones, networks, Giant Voice, connectivity to world) for 4th
     Aerospace Exped Gp at New Orleans Int'l Airport--enabled 4,000 relief flights, evac of 20,000 residents
  -- Primary comm for HQ Elt, Army's 82d ABN Div, and Brigade Combat Team cmd elts in heart of devastated
     New Orleans--enabled most visible domestic security op in 60 yrs--halted looting, expedited recovery
  -- Brilliant augmentation of JTF-KATRINA staff--planned, executed 200-mile move of JTF HQ from rear to
     front--put JTF/CC where he wanted to be, at center of action--flawless praise by JTF/CC!
  -- Directly responsible for recovery of $136M in specialized med eqpt & drugs from Veterans Admin Hospital
- Led "total fix" for overburdened comm infrastructure at Kirkuk Regional AB, Iraq--replaced satellite earth
  terminal, ntwks, phone switch, tech ctrl facility--overcame murder of 4 contractors to finish job exactly on time
- Finessed stand-up of new pax terminal at Baghdad Int'l Airport (BIAP)--designed, engineered, executed xfer of
  ntwks (NIPR/SIPR), phones, TV, radios, PA system--all w/out losing a single second of service at old terminal
- Out with old, in with new: installed new $5.4M "comm-in-a-box" for Camp Sather, Victory Base, and BIAP
  -- Brand new Netwk Ctrl Fac/Sys Ctrl Fac ensured C2 connectivity between CAOC and AOR's most visible op
  -- Swapped tactical phone sys for new switch...immediately cleared 18-mo backlog of new service requests
  -- Phenomenal planning! Made cut-over in 12 hrs (vs 4 days in similar projects elsewhere) to preserve vital C2
- Orchestrated $8.7M project to upgrade Air Traffic Control and Landing System (ATCALS) at Balad AB, Iraq
  -- Replaced 30 year old tactical eqpt w/modern ATCALS--safer skies for 16,000 flts/yr at busiest cargo hub
  -- Boosted ATC tower radio range 5-fold, added instrument landing capability--acft now land even in bad wx
- Honchoed solution to CFACC's top 3 CAOC priorities in 1 fell swoop--Theater Missile Def (TMD), Air Tas-
  king Order (ATO) processing, theater-wide C2 capability situational awareness--chaired A3/A4/A6 tiger team
  -- Did "the improbable" in just 2 wks--ported civil a/c info to ATO, displayed on common operating picture
  -- "The impossible" takes a little longer--drove TMD system reliability from 25% to first perfect score in 3 yrs
  -- Leapt bureaucratic hurdles to fuse C2 system reporting from multiple communities--finally, the "big picture"
- Directed development of web-based mobility reporting tool for AOR's Director, Mobility Forces--shaved 30
  man-hrs/wk off tedious refueling/theater airlift/convoy relief reporting reqts--that's 1 body that can stay home!
- Engineered fixes for failing Joint Radio Relay sys, used daily by fighters in Afghanistan--ventured into heart of
  warlord territory to repair--ensured crucial comms between Joint Ops Ctr and troops in contact with enemy
- Versatile!--augmented Engineering/Installation team to overhaul hodge-podge tactical cabling throughout three
  bases in Baghdad w/state-of-the-art fiber optics--slashed cable-related downtime for phones/ntwks by 80%!
- AOR-wide weather wizards: directed mntc support for 5 types of weather sys, certified combat weather teams
  to support 40 bases in 10 countries throughout Mideast, Central Asia--reliability soaring...above 98% all year
- Helped solve close-quarters battle issues--innovative use of sat phones vastly improved unit/location ID for
  CFACC's close air support msns--slashed fratricide potential for troops in hand-to-hand combat w/insurgents
- Innovators! Married existing cell-phone technology to existing radio-internet interfaces to create wholly new
  comm method for dangerous Iraq convoys--tremendous security upgrade helped cut successful insurgent attacks
- US Army's first choice for help when they needed air navigation support to keep logistics flowing to Qayyarah
  West Afld--packed, shipped TACAN & crew w/in 36 hrs!--in-place w/in 72 hrs!--livin' w/the Army for 4 mos!
- Herd Freq Mgr blasted bureaucracy, supercharged stalled projects while deployed to US Embassy, Baghdad
  -- Freq mgt miracle--built State Dept microwave comm sys from scratch--made real-time reports from 4 out-
      lying missions a reality--praise from Ambassador, awe from staff...who had been trying to do this for 2 yrs!
  -- Engineered Central Iraqi Microwave Sys for Govt of Iraq--vital comm backbone for new-born Iraqi govt
      solidifies civil control over military, streamlines absolute must before US can exit Iraq
  -- Founded, turned over first Freq Mgt Directorate for Iraqi civil govt--guarantees that progress will continue
- Deployed 6 volunteers for 7 1/2 mos for toughest duty in Iraq: vehicle convoy ops--daily display of courage!
  -- Covered 360,000 road miles, delivered 11,000 truckloads of badly-needed supplies to Army/AF/Marines
  -- Armored 29 vehicles...pristine mntc for 67 more--vehicle in-commission rates zoomed from 78% to 98%
  -- Fearless .50 cal gunner--provided lethal security for 44 convoys--49,000 miles without US fatality
- Implemented first 911 service for 7,000 Baghdad-based soldiers--sped response to life-threatening emgncies
- Iraq Election comm: designed, executed comms to unite 11,000+ polling places--secured first-ever Iraq vote
- Iraq Election comm, Part II: trained Iraqis to O&M sys during Constitutional Referendum--result: even better
- Iraq Election comm, Part III: sat back, watched Iraqis do it themselves for parliamentary elections...success!
- From Iraqi desert to jungles of El Salvador--planned and provided all comm for Joint Humanitarian Op NEW
  HORIZONS 2005--full-spectrum comm support for 700+ Army/AF/Navy helping secure our southern flank
  -- Enabled real-time connectivity for forces scattered to 6 locations throughout the country--supercharged
      construction, logistics, security for troops building 3 schools, 3 clinics to serve 40,000 of El Sal's poorest
  -- More challenging: kept 60 med/vet teams connected--JTF/CC said: "Comm support absolutely best ever"
- Taking "short-notice" to a new level--rcvd emgcy SATCOM reqt for SOUTHCOM on Thursday afternoon...
  by Friday evening, eqpt in-place/running--enabled uninterrupted C2 for counterdrug op CONSTANT VIGIL
- Toppling readiness records to support POTUS: got less than a full day's notice to provide tactical satellite
  capability for 4-day, 3-nation Presidential trip to South America...done in 11 hours! Flawless support!
- Securing the homeland too!--engineered, delivered all comm support for Army/AF Mission Rehearsal
  Exercise--found, fixed flaws in system--validated C2 architecture for air defense of National Capital Region

PLANNING AND MANAGEMENT OF RESOURCES (Farther, harder, faster...and less expensive too!):
- They said it couldn't be done...then we did it!--reorganized contingency response capability for speedier
  response--can now deliver FULL bare-base comm capability in just 24 hrs--results on display after Katrina!
- Total force warriors: even w/high optempo, found time/resources to "coach" not one but two ANG combat
  comm squadrons through operational readiness inspection process--CCs now say to IG: "Bring it on!"
- Helping close to home too! Delivered 100,000 watts of power and full environmental control for local Air
  Base Wing's Oklahoma!--kept 'em cool under pressure, helped deliver an "Excellent" rating
- Wall-to-wall comm support for Tinker's Star-Spangled Salute--blanketed flightline w/audio/video/ phones/
  ntwks...even kept the med tents cool--75,000 people awed by Thunderbirds, Tops in Blue, Lee Greenwood
- AF-wide results: when Hurricane Katrina wrecked AF's Keesler schoolhouse, we took in evacuees...taught
  Electronic Principles course for 10 1-lvl Amn...hosted Deployable Comm course for 19 Amn from 16 bases
- More AF-wide results: managed Accuracy Support Infrastructure test for Small Diameter Bomb pgm office...
  juggled tests at 7 bases in 8 days (cost $1.5M)--will lead to true pinpoint accuracy--kudos from AFOTEC
- And throughout the DoD: primary consultants on antenna replacement design for tactical microwave comm
  gear...will extend life of 350+ systems, DoD-wide--preserve vital direct interface ability w/Army comms
- Eagerly stepped up as pilot unit for new "Everything over IP" eqpt--will revolutionize tactical comms, will
  reduce size by 50%, weight by 70%--better: will reduce reqt for precious SATCOM bandwidth in war zone!
- Built in-house indoctrination pgm for new arrivals--consolidates combat readiness and inprocessing tasks
  that used to take an avg of 3 1/2 just 5 wks--set personal readiness soaring by 11% in just 5 mos
- Safety is paramount: conducted 7 combat readiness classes...400+ students from 14 units for 3 wks of tough,
  simulated combat--not a single lost duty day as a result of mishap...none, zero, nada (2d year in a row)!
- Tenaciously stretched taxpayer $$: fully executed $10.4M annual budget while forward-funding $5.4M of
  support for GWOT...fought for and earned additional $5.7M to "green up" 8 initial combat response pkgs
- Sterling mgt of Govt Tvl Card prog--delinquency rate 27% below AF one of AF's top optempo units!

OTHER ACCOMPLISHMENTS: (Unshakable commitment to base and community, w/kudos to show for it!)
- AFA's Best Mil Unit in <STATE>, ?AFB Unit of the Year, AF/SE Spec Achvmt Awd for Gnd Safety (#1 of 250)
- Two holiday food drives, 20 truckloads of food (value: >$16,000) for <BASE> Airmen's Attic--biggest ever
- ?AFB CGOY, Civ of Yr, CGOQ (x2), SNCOQ, NCOQ (x2), AOQ--AF-lvl FGO Leo Marquez Awd winner
- Commended by Meals on Wheels, Habitat for Humanity, Amer Red Cross, Spec Olympics, so many more!


  INCREDIBLE!  This package is OUTSTANDING. Every bullet is measurable and has significant impact. Besides a couple of minor numbering and spelling errors, I was tripped up by all of the abbreviations.  I then chalked them up to the need to input a lot of information in limited space.  See the package it beat out.


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