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Appendix B: Background Paper Example

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Table of Contents

Getting to Know Your Boss Time Management The Schedule Suspense Tracking & Following Up Correspondence
The Boss’ Quick Reference Book
Protocol and Special Events Staff Meetings Technical Issues The Staff Car The Typical Day
A: Commander’s Call Action Plan B: Sample Background Paper C: Sample Protocol 3X5 Cards D: Sample Commander’s Reference Book E: Sample Exec Continuity Book
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The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff published Joint Vision 2010, a vision of how the services would conduct warfare in the 21st Century. Air Force senior leaders applied those principals towards Air and Space superiority in the future. The result was publication of “Global Engagement; A Vision for the 21st Century Air Force”. Global Reach - Global Power, prepared the Air Force for the transition era following the Cold War. Global Engagement charts the course that will take the Service into the future where drastic changes in technology are the norm, and will re-define the way we conduct warfare.

Core Competencies:

Air and Space Superiority
- Dominate enemy operations in all dimensions - Land, Sea, Air, and Space
- Freedom from attack - Freedom to attack
- Defense against ballistic and cruise missiles
- Common missile defense architecture

Global Attack
- Sustain Nuclear efforts - Strengthen response to proliferation
- Maintain bomber and land missile portion of Triad
- Refine Air Expeditionary Forces (AEF) rapid deployment for United States
- US based forces likely the primary means of force projection in crisis

Rapid Global Mobility
- Rapid attacks anywhere on the globe, combat ready in three days or less
- Tailored Forces with very small footprint
- Build Air Bridge for joint forces

Precision Engagement
- Locate objectives, provide response, generate effect, and assess success
- Retain flexibility to re-engage
- Apply measured and selective forces against specific targets
- Minimize risk and collateral damage

Information Superiority
- Global Awareness: Intelligence, Communications, Weather, and Navigation support
- Global Interactive: Surface, Air, and Space Battlespace picture
- Suppression of Enemy Air Defense (SEAD)
- Defend information intensive capabilities

Agile Combat Support
- Highly responsive and agile forces
- Time definite resupply; privatization and outsourcing major tools
- Reach-Back capabilities to US, reducing size and vulnerability of forces
- Reduce the “ Factory to Flightline “ material lead-time requirements

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