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  • Military Writing is different from Civilian writing. Wrong!
    • Sentence structure, subject-verb-predicate, remains the same.
  • I don't have to write until I am a (fill in a Rank). Wrong!
    • If you haven't learned by now, most people are lazy! Give your sup a package or a list of accomplishments,
  • Each service branch has a different way to write. Wrong!
    • Writing is writing. Each branch may look for a specific structure, but ultimately it follows Action-Impact.
  • You have to write to win.  Wrong!
    • You write to acknowledge, reinforce, and/or reward
Writing Guides
Award Examples
Dec Examples
Letter Factory
Award Timelines

Guides and Examples Table of Contents


General Guides

EPR/OPR Guides

Awards/Decorations Guides

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Effective Military Writing Guides

AF 1206 AF 910 AF 911 AF 707a AF 707b
21 SW EPR OPR DEC Guide Awesome guide submitted by 21 SW/IG.  Great i.e. of EPR/OPR/DECs.  (1M doc) 
26 IOG Stratification and Quantification Guide Name says it all.  Good document Wrote by CMSgt Pat Masters/26 IOG CCC As of 18 June 2002 (113K Doc)
A Guide for the Air Force Officer and DoD Civilian Very GOOD information, separated in a variety of webpages.
AIRMAN LEADERSHIP SCHOOL (ALS) Military Writing (Jan 04) - Unlinked due to policy Developed by: Enlisted Professional Enhancement Programs for ALS Lesson Plan (76K Doc)
Article 15 Guide & Checklist 2003 June Edition (290 KB Doc)
Completing an AF Form 1206, Nomination for Award Good examples and instruction with a focus on the Medical Career fields.  Includes information about Civilian awards.
Condolence Letter Guidelines   Good Guide on writing Condolence Letters -- see more in Letter Factory
Bullet Writing Good PPT touching on bullet construction and worthy examples.
Effective EPR and Awards An AF Civilian and Officer Guide
Effective Writing (PPT) Writing Fundamentals
Effective EPR Writing (17 Oct 05) AWESOME PPS created by 379 AEW!  Worth your time. (1M)
Enlisted Performance Reports and Awards 101 (AF) USSTRATCOM May 04 (684K PPT)
Global Operations Evaluations Guide (STRATCOM) Good examples for both OPR and EPR. Includes word lists. (May 05)
The Heretic's Guide to Better Writing From Aerospace Power Journal, it is a completely different look at Air Force Writing
How To Get Outstanding EPR’S and Be Competitive for Awards Very good look at what a person needs to do to have a solid EPR and be competitive for awards.

Pareto's Principle

Not really a writing guide but it does fit.  The 80/20 rule discussing the Trivial Many vs the Vital Few!  Helps justify a screwed up system, and what you need to look at.
Preparing Official Communications AFMAN 33-326 - Relevant information regardless of the branch.
Reprimands and Admonitions Guide Produced by 37TRW/JA (105K Doc)  (Submitted by: Trish)  -- see more in Letter Factory
Reprimands and Admonitions Handbook (30SW) Produced by 30SW/JA (132K Doc) Jul '03
Superior Personal Performance Collection of bullet phrases and words to help ease the pain of EPR writing.
Team Hill OPRs/EPRs/PRFs/Decs (Mar 05) Standardization for EPR/OPR/DEC (AFAM, AFCM, MSM) (1M PDF)
Tongue and Quill (PDF) Basics writing guide for Air Force
Writing For Impact (PPT) Guides on Military Writing 
How to Write an Effective Bullet

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Performance Report Guides (EPR/OPR)

AF 910 AF 911 AF 707a AF 707b
Enlisted Performance Reports   From AETC - Basic information and hints to EPRs (PPT)
EPR/OPR/PRF/LOE Writers Guide (AMC) Good guide provided by AMC.  Mar 05 (1.3M doc) thanks carter
EPR OPR DEC Guide (21 SW) Awesome guide submitted by 21 SW/IG.  Great i.e. of EPR/OPR/DECs.  (1M doc) 
EPR/OPR Guide (353 SOG) Very good evaluation guide provided by 353 rd SOG dated 1 Jan 06. (78M PDF)
EPR Guide (67IOW); How To Write 67 IOW Chiefs' Views on How to Write an EPR
EPR Guide (67IOW) 67IOW Senior Rater Indorsement EPR Writing Guide
EPR Guide (51FW PACAF)  
EPR Guide (Hill AFB)  
EPR Guide (Maxwell AFB) IRA C. EAKER College for Professional Development
How to Prepare Performance Reports (Updated 11 Aug 2003) (181K PDF)
EPR/OPR/PRF Guide (ACC) It is a little dated but the information is still very valuable.  (435K Doc)
EPR/OPR/PRF (75 MSS) From the 75th Air Base Wing  -- Very informative, gives great examples of what to say in packages, and how they effect the promotion system.  (2.2M Doc)
EPR/OPR/Perf Reports (USAFE)  USAFE, Supt, Board Secretariat presentation with References, Rules and Techniques
Includes what the SNCO Board is looking for (500K PPT)
EPR/OPR/PRF Guide (HQAFR) Decent evaluation guide produced by the AFR Personal Center dated Nov 05. (136K PDF)
FIT Reporting Guideline Guidelines for addressing New AF Fitness Results in EPR/OPRS
EPR Assessment   Displays Strong and Weak Bullet Choices (PPT)
EES (EPR) Training Guide Enlisted Evaluation System Training Guide created by AFELM/DMPG
OPR/PRF Slide Show (AFPC) Effective OPR and PRF Writing submitted by 21 SW/IG
OPR Review Checklist (21 OG) Current checklist submitted by 21 SW/IG
EPR Review Checklist (21 OG) Current checklist submitted by 21 SW/IG
EPR Guide (45th Space Wing) Good info on EPRs, Letters of Evaluation and Referral Reports. (307K Doc)
Writing Effective Enlisted Performance Reports (PPT)  Includes multiple examples of good and bad bullets.  Worth the time to look over
Clarification on recording Fitness (FIT) program assessments in EPR/OPR Updated guidance for the 05 Calendar Year.  Official Message.
PME comments in EPRS Official Guidance from HQ AF.  It is hard to read, but basically, don't waste space talking about general PME enrollments and completion.
Secretary of the Air Force EPR/OPR/PRF Writing Guide Talk about official.  dated 2001.  This guide was pulled off of the web, so there was no way to "scrub" it.(6M PDF)

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Award and Decoration Writing Guides

Air Force Award Timeline Page

Awards and Dec Power Point (AETC) (ppt) Pentagon Quarterly Awards Writing Guide
Decorations Guide (2BW - Nov 02) (300K Doc) Quarterly Awards Writing Guide
Decorations Guide (Hill AFB -02) (410k Doc) LAFB Quarterly Award Writing Guide ('00) (171K Doc)
Decoration Guide (Ira Eaker College) (217K Doc) AFITS Quarterly and Annual Award AFI ('02)  (4.9M Doc)  It has scoring info!
Decoration Guide (Pentagon) (284K Doc) Squadron Recognition Program Policy Letter (628 AMSS)  (89K Doc)
USAF/SG Dec Guide w/ Examples PDF    
Decorations Guide (10 AB Wing '03) w/ Ex (27M Doc)   
Decoration Guide (12MSS '00) (188K Doc)  
Decorations Guide(18th Wing '03) (231K Doc)  
Decorations Guide (45SW '00) (77K rtf)
Awards & Decorations Guide (51FW '99) w/ Ex (538K Doc)  
Awards & Decoration Guide (61 MSS '00)w/ Ex (4M Doc)   
Decorations Guide (62AW '00) (138k Doc)  
Decorations Guide (159 FW AD and Guard) (106K Doc)  
 Interim 2005 guidance on Air Force Communications and Information Annual awards and Air Force Darryl G. Winters Award (2.6M PDF)

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