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Key Points

  • If you haven't already, take a writing class
  • Take a creative writing class; it forces effective, vivid writing
  • WRITE!!! The more you do it, the better you get.
  • Don't be afraid to ask for HELP.
  • The only person looking out for either you or your subordinate is YOU!
  • Use resources like Merriam-Webster
  • Use a spell checker (F7 in Office) 
  • Remember, writing doesn't have to win to REWARD!


  • Military Writing is different from Civilian writing. Wrong! Sentence structure, subject-verb-predicate, remains the same.
  • I don't have to write until I am a (fill in a Rank). Wrong! If you haven't learned by now, most people are lazy! If you can give your supervisor a package, group of accomplishments, etc. the better off you will be.
  • Each service branch has a different way to write. Wrong! Writing is writing. Each branch may look for a specific structure, but ultimately it follows Action-Impact.
  • You have to write to win.  Wrong! You write to acknowledge, reinforce, and/or reward behavior
Writing Guides
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Award Timelines

Clarification on recording Fitness (FIT) program assessments in EPR/OPR Updated guidance for the 05 Calendar Year.  Official Message.
CMSAF Perspective on Sr. Rater Endorsement and Stratification The title says it all. A MUST read for SNCOs or SNCOs' reporting officials.  Released 28 Aug 2006
Guidance on Fitness Assessment and EPRs and OPRs Additional Guidance from Nov 05.  Talks about the grey line...
PME comments in EPRS Official Guidance from HQ AF.  It is hard to read, but basically, don't waste space talking about general PME enrollments and completion.
Superior Personal Performance Collection of bullet phrases and high impact words
Word Errors: Accept/Except & Affect/Effect Commonly used word errors in Awards, Decorations, EPRs and OPRS

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